Today we came across this delightful blog. Here we find out that London's Geek-Chic DJ Rory Phillips (Trash/Durrr) and Sufjan Stevens are having a sordid love affair. I hope he doesn't go all Patrick Bateman on his ass!!!

Rory's Teenagers remix is absolute class and being played by 2 many DJs amongst others,  but we are not allowed to put it up just yet, so here is his remix of Robyn's number 1 hit single and another one for hipster geeks Chromeo.


So the PPQ party turned out to be a blast, lots of champagne was drunk, and amazingly after 2 failed attempts we finally got a conga line going... and it went all the way across the road to Sketch, it actually made the London Paper with the headline "Peach of a Conga", due to Peaches Geldof participating.

The night also saw the return of Golden, who is Wade's nemesis, he was actually on fine form after Rehab, DUI school, AA etc in Los Angeles. 

So if you wanna get your own Conga going, we strongly recommend this...



Stunners will be playing H&Ms new store opening during London Fashion week on the 13th of February, they will be supported by NY's trendy Misshapes. By the way Leigh from Misshapes is FIT, here she is on the cover of The Sounds latest album.

We will have a large guest list for you guys so if you are on Facebook, join the Stunners International group page to get your invitation and drink a shit-load of free drinks.

On the subject of Swedish Exports, here is also a track by Sweden's finest The Cardigans, it appeared on the sound track for Romeo & Juliet, here it gets a Baltimore reworking by 1/2 Alive.


Wade accompanied actress Margo Stilley to the Burns Night event at Harvey Nicks, switching from Vodka to Whiskey. Johnny Borrell was there and said he is working on his 3rd album, and is going away into the Russian wilderness or something to write songs, Rocky 4 style.

The party only really livened up when Fionn arrived, to set the rather dull crowd alight with some ingenius breakdance moves on the dancefloor - Wade and Fionn were the only ones dancing.

From Harvey Nicks it was onto Maya where Daddy Tay layed on the Free Vodka... revitalized they went on to a house party in Camden. The dude from Mighty Boosh was playing piano, but they soon found the portable ipod speaker thingy and took over the Music for the rest of the night... 

So in honour of Robert Burns, here's a couple of slices of electro from Scottish disco sensation, Calvin Harris.



1. eruption vs mcDie's stunners intro - van halen vs stunners international
2. je taime (switch mix) - armand van helden
3. the party (la riots mix) - justice
4. koninjtje (meikbar remix) vs lets buy happiness - aka the junkies vs boys noize
5. release the beast - breakwater
6. merrymaking (oizo mix) - calvin harris
7. kryptonite pussy (bo$$ vs yo majesty) - bo$$ in drama
8. tak attack - black affair
9. black toys vs blitskrieg bop (accapella) vs loaded (accapella) - zombie nation vs ramones vs primal scream
10. blue monday (fyodor dmytriev edit) - new order
11. bop st - ali love
12. love today (switch remix) - mika
13. love to push it - crookers vs salt n pepper
14. damma - gray
15. ready for the floor (soulwax remix) - hot chip
16. is you - D.I.M
17. Into the galaxy - midnight juggernauts
18. steamroller - kris menace
19. get innocuous (soulwax mix) - lcd soundsystem
20. the vamp vs derek zoolander - outlander vs zoolander
21. take it like a man (kissy sell out remix) - dragonette
22. fuck that shit - the subs
23. smells like teen spirit (patrick alavi rerox) - nirvana
24. friday night at the drive in bingo - jens leikman


Stunners International Kicked off 2008 in style with their new night HARDER BETTER FASTER STUNNERS with blinding Live Performances by Cazals and Ali Love at LOT55, a new London venue done up like a Hollywood Film set, think Singing in the Rain.

Here is our favorite remix of their Spandau Ballet cover and a rare early track, which happens to be the title of their forthcoming album, out on Kitsune in May.