Every year we like to welcome a new Stunner into our arms. No longer in Freddie's shadow, this Summer Nicholas Hadfield aka "Haders" has truly taken the world by storm. He got off to a shaky start stealing Wade's girlfriend (sort of) but has since come on leaps and bounds. He also adds something different to Team Stunners. He has recently been touring with Wade in Paris and New York, but is now off to Tokyo to hook up with Fionn. Expect great things from this rising star. WARNING: keep your girlfriend away from him. Here are few words from the man himself...

Here is an eclectic mixtape from Haders...


So after partying our asses off for a few weeks, it was great to play some records again. There aren't many clubs in New York, where we can get away with playing our heavy set, but Ruff Club is one of them. We got there a few minutes before we were meant to go on, Wade had to see his Amber and say goodbye before she goes off to wrestle (and photograph) Great White Sharks. Spencer Product was obviously a little nervous, but soon calmed his nerves when Wade hit the decks. The previous DJ was playing good tunes, but wasn't reading the crowd too well and using Serato whilst playing dance music never really works in our opinion. Anyway the crowd went mental and they couldn't follow him up, so he played until he ran out of tunes (he only brought the trade marked 2 CDs). Spiky did some great "Alkan Knobtwiddling". This was Calum's last night, so he brought his suitcase along to the club, Stunners industry standard.

After the show we headed back to some guys house who had vast amounts of vodka and a pool table. Not the best combination for hustling. Definitely gambled our DJ fee away. 

Here is Herve's Remix of Bloc Party's latest single, it tore the roof down. The original however is probably the worst song we've heard all year. What's up with him getting upset with Johnny Rotten calling him black or whatever.



Victoria Park was the destination for a rain swept Field Day 2008. Fionn, Nick & Marits blagged free entry though the Crookers (thanks guys!), so despite the shit weather, it was great to be there. A shout out first off to The Lovely Jonjo and Rory Phillips (of  Trash/Durrr fame and long time Stunner's cohorts) who despite technical difficulties, smashed it in the Bloggers Delight tent. Rory played this disco monster which we though was a rather apt choice considering the weather.

The Bugged Out tent was the place to be where we first saw Crookers rip the place apart. They really did rock it. Fionn got polaroided by some casting girl who then gave him some ketamin - so thats Special K for breakfast and lunch! This was one of the big Crookers remixes in their set.

Following a few rain soaked beers, Fionn teaching the lads the art of the secret portable toilet in a bottle and a brief glimpse of The Emperor Machine, we headed back into the shelter of the Bugged Out tent to see James Holden who was on top form. This intense slice of techno was one of the highlights.

This was Richie Hawtin headlining the Bugged Out Tent. Ooooh the techno...
Halfway through that Marits and Fionn (minus Nick who had to dj at Sketch poor guy) went to go see Simian Mobile Disco play live. Once again they didn't disappoint - this progressive track off their last e.p. was a particular highlight.

After Field Day it all started to get more blurry but we all eventually met up in The End where both SMD and Crookers played the after party - what a night. The after after party was in a secret location out in the nether regions of east London in a mysterious place called the Fucktory and was totally rocked by Sir Mixalot of Bow - otherwise known as Fionn.



After 2 nights out, one taking the "Blue Pill" with Riot Girl (bad idea) and the other being force fed the "Red Pill" by Spiky, ie went home early. We looked forward to some daytime socializing.

We joined Spiky who was playing a Diesel rooftop party uptown. We were expecting a more hip crowd and some hot chicks, sadly it was not to be, but it was still a decent party with lots of free food and drinks (we took it easy on that front). We got there at noon and ended playing until the sun had set. We played every single genre known to man. Although we are not really into Serato, for gigs like this it is rather useful.



So Wade & Margo were in the press again. This time in Grazia. Apparently Wade is "The One". 


So the phone woke us up today after yet another night of vodka at Beatrice, it was legend Henry Hargreaves on the other line. Henry is an honorary Stunner who after a successful modeling career has made a bit of a name for himself as a photographer. Wade convinced him, he would be a great assistant on his shoot. He neglected to say that he is always late.

When he finally arrived at the shoot, Henry was already in the swing of things. It was for a domanatrix who was already covered in fruit. Wade's job was to essentially art direct the fruit and cream. He is an expert. The lady in question was not shy either. She also told us some insane stories involving all kinda shit, literally. Anyways in order not to lower the tone too much, I will leave up to your own dirty imaginations. She said her husband didn't mind her job, and that he was pretty vanilla, essentially pretty straight. I guess Stunners are more chocolate chip cookies and cream. Listening to her did give us inspiration for some Monster Acid Cock songs, PAIN SLUT being a prime example. She asked Wade to be a slave in a forth-coming fetish shoot but he has declined due to a scheduling conflict.

It should also be noted Henry is working on a coffee table book right now. It's a 3D book of boobs. Here is a teaser. Castings will be held soon.



Sai, Chris, Fionn, Charlotte and Tabs made it to the Big Chill this weekend. Much fun was had by all even for Fionn who was mostly on his lonesome due to no phone battery - but he still made some chemical friends as is the way with festivals. The girls were there for a fashion show on saturday morning which has to be the bravest thing anyone could ever do at a festival! The big tune for Fionn was Ame's latest offering (its always satisfying to hear a tune that you bought in Beatport just a couple days ago being spanked by all the big djs in the club tent). Its a bit of a proggy/techy monster. Enjoy!


Whilst Wade is off living in fantasy land riding naked on unicorns and having orgies with dwarves, Fionn is busy building a studio and generally staying connected with reality. So in an attempt to bring this blog back down to earth (although we do love Wade's sex blogs) and actually use it for its orginal purpose - to spread the word on music we love - here is a little bit of educational blogging.

Bruce Haack (1931 - 1988) was a musician and composer, and a pioneer within the realm of electronic music. He was one of the first musicians to use modular synthesis in his music and is largely responsible for the explosion of electronic music in the late 20th century. Check out this video.

And here is one of our favourite tracks.



So Yvan The Face Hunter guy was in Finland and came across one of our favorite Stunners, Ms Annika Stenvall. She could quite possibly give Riot Girl a run for her money. Here she is looking amazing in her Stunners T-Shirt. She could be Lindwall's sister.



The Piper Machine has found his Piper Mobile!!!


The next 4 days with Riot Girl consisted of partying, more partying, after partying, more after partying etc. You get the drift. Riot Girl is basically one of the most extreme people you will ever meet. She's extremely stunning and has a larger than life personality. You will either love her or be scared of her. Needless to say she brings out the best and worst in us Stunners. We stayed at her gaff where she has endless supplies of booze. We would start each night at some ridiculous club or party and end up at Beatrice followed by Riot Girls house. Riot Girl and Wade form a formidable partnership and could quite easily take over the world!!! 

Highlights include The Box, where we saw some great shows and the Belvedere party at The Bowery Hotel. Brazilian Girls and some dude called Diego from Elephant played. He was rather handsome and cock-blocked us from the stage. 

At the end of this stint Wade and Calum needed a break and stayed with Jessica in some crazy crack-den. Haders braved it out and went missing for 24 hours. The next day consisted of trying to get back to human form. After spending a few hours in Thompson Park with a whole bunch of crackheads we decided to go and see Step Brothers, the new Will Ferrel movie, we were in a very emotional state and cried our eyes out. Definitely one to watch.


So after 3 days of tech support. We could not wait to meet up with Cal & Nick and get back into the swing of things. We were heading to Emily's for a few beers in Williamsburg. So we had them meet us straight there. She said she was hanging with her friend Luke from the Kooks (the singer). We have in all honesty never really heard a Kooks song but had a preconceived idea that they are basically too indie (us being nice). How wrong we were. We drank beer, played monopoly and listened to good tunes all evening. By the time we got into a taxi to meet up with Spiky we were practically fully paid up members of The Kooks fanclub. 

We had loads of drinks at The Soho Grand then went to meet up with Riot Girl and the rest of the night involved the classic cocktail of vodka and models, but we also had some crazy Brazilian type of poppers. We ended up at Beatrice, where we met up with Luke again, who seemed to be having the time of his life. We then ended back at Riot Girls, but we will need to dedicate a whole post to her. 

The next day we went to Williamsburg to see MGMT play a free show in Macarran Park. Jelly NYC have been doing weekly shows there, with The Breeders and The Liars also playing. We got there super duper late and there were a million people trying to get in. We took the Stunners entrance which included trees and a wall. The gig itself was pretty decent, it was quite loose and obviously Time To Pretend and Electric Feel went down a treat. As an encore they started out with a 16 minute prog rock tune, which is apparently their "real sound". Everyone got fuckin bored, but grinned and bared it because Kids was yet to come and they didn't disappoint. Hit of the summer. 

Here is The Kooks cover of Gnarls Barkley's Crazy and a Bmore remix of Kids


We didn't leave Miami in top physical shape, we must admit. But we were playing Tribeca Grand with none other than Cazals and Blonde Acid Cult for Cheap Mondays. So we really had to pull it together. Tommy and Spiky had organized this party, it's something we had been wanting to put together for sometime. Flight was delayed, so when we eventually got there the party was in full swing, and we bumped into loads of old faces. People we had no idea were even in NYC as well. 

First on were Blonde Acid Cult, who sounded like the most professional band in the world, the sound was incredible. During Hey Nah the crowd were singing from left to right back to each other, it was insane, like stadium rock. There is a lot of Mayor Label UK interest in the band, but we don't want to jinx it and for it to end up in "The Book".

Stunners played some songs inbetween, but it was all about the bands tonight. It was still nice to see David, Fionn and Wade all behind the decks. 

Cazals managed to fuck up the power converters for their electronic equipment, so sadly they had to play without the keyboard player Ben, who for the record was also held in customs for 24 hours, unluckiest trip ever, he did go to sightseeing though. It was actually nice to see Cazals do a more Rock'n'Roll set finishing with an encore of Beat Me To The Bone, the whole crowd moshed and the crowd went home ecstatic. 

This is when things took a turn for the worse. We stole a promotional bottle of Belvedere, like a 10 liter one, and after a lot of effort we got it open. It took 5 people to carry it and pour it down Wade's throat. However it was not Vodka, it was water with some chemical to keep it clear. The next few minutes consisted of Wade rolling around the floor throwing up and convulsing. Throwing up blood is never a good idea, and doing it all over Julia's shoes an even worse. He might of acted over the top to impress her. More than likely... Twat