We were so glad when we found out Alexia was in Miami styling during Swimsuit Fashion Week. She has the best energy, and if you have Alexia around, things are always gonna turn out for the best. She even got us the gig playing music at the Pistol Panties show. We put together a great set, but decided to live mix it, just to get the looks right. The show if we forget to tell you later was awesome. Well done everyone.

Backstage again was insane, and it was there Wade met Hope. Essentially Miss Universe. She was presenting back stage. They instantly struck up a report and she was on his arm as he spun records during the show, they even talked about going on holiday together and where gonna meet up after the show.

But this is where the Lucid Dream starts to faulter, this is where we start to need the Tech Support Guy. Sebastian lost her number... 

They went down to Florida Rooms and there were just too many girls every, could not even concentrate, can't really even work out what happened, we just knew we were not worthy of this much attention, I guess the Lucid Dream was working again. Kaitlyn turned up, we had been texting her since we met her at Lime (the best Mexican Taco Salad in the world). She turned up with even more girls. Courtney and gang were there too. In total there were 22 girls around us. What The FUCK... this is not normal, and for them to be fighting over us even more insane. We knew then that this couldn't be real. We were Lucid Dreaming. The next day Wade got on a plane to New York. Tech Support Guy has been called in. 

Here is an appropiately titled new song of Franz Ferdinand's new album.


Well there couldn't ever be a different title for this exciting episode. We had a slight hangover but hanging out with Taylor for the day definitely got rid of that. We met up with Kristin Cavallari. it's been reported in the press to be dating Sebastian. She is the girl from Laguna Beach, we met up with her before some fashion show at The Setai, she was with her mother who was just simply awesome. We had a dinner laid on for us but were more interested in shots. 

We went backstage, which, may I tell you is sensory overload for a hot blooded male. The show was pretty decent, then we went on to Heathrow, a new club with possibly the worst name in history. We were playing records, but nothing worked, the fire alarm went off, the bass broke, it was possibly the worst gig ever, but we still rocked it when given the chance, a really big hit out here is Crookers remix of Kid Cudi's Day'n'Night. 

This was only the beginning, we went back to Kristin's, who had now been joined by supermodel May Andersen. We cleared the mini-bar etc and went down for some skinny-dipping. This would seem like the best night of all time, but in the world of Stunners, it's never quite enough and the complete idiots left the girls wanting more and headed back to Sebastians to meet up with 9 girls who were waiting for some jacuzzi action. This is sadly where the story has to end... 

We might have to do a Stunners X-Rated blog...


Arriving at Miami airport you know you have left all morals behind. This is a place of sin. In fact most of the tales could never be printed, did they even happen or was it all a  lucid dream? Sebastian picked us up and within hours we were in Rokbar. The bar Wade opened with Tommy Lee, when we say open, he was musical director when it opened, but that did not last too long, before Wade fell out of the 10 foot high DJ booth, then preceded in smashing some mirrors and got fired. But that was a long time ago, they call him Hollywood now for some reason. Within minutes we were at a table with 9 models and some Russian billionaire... 

The next day we got up early to meet up with Alexia who was styling the Pistol Panties show, oh did we not mention, it was Miami Swimsuit Fashion Week. We are doing the music for there show. There were at least 50 girls waiting to get up to the casting, so we took it upon ourselves to help out, you have to help out your friends right? We actually bumped into Courtney who we knew from L.A and all the other girls were more than happy to let us assist them in anyway. We probably got 10 numbers for girls who wanted to hang out later. But are we idiot guys and lost the majority of them, yeah, we are those guys.

We later met up with Courtney, Katarina & Tanisha and went up to the rooftop pool terrace at the Gansevoort. This is where our lucid dream kicks in...


Margo & Wade attended the VISA Swap party with the rest of the gang. It was actually quite fun and Sigmund was live DJing the fashion show. Which we definitely improved on with some hand clapping to Gary Glitter and some general cheering along. There was a lot of paparazzi attention, but we were shocked to see a massive feature in The Sun claiming the two are going out, well we all know they would make the hottest couple in the world. They also mentioned that Wade is a former 250 pound an hour hooker, well we all know he can more than justify that fee, but it's simply not true. On a plus note, with 7.9 million people readership, many would of noticed how fuckin gorgeous Margo looked in her Stunners T-shirt and how super cool Wade looked in his Life Is Boring Cazals T-shirt, designed by Andre.

So here we have a video exclusive which never got released. The video for Cazals debut single Beat Me To The Bone featuring this Happy Couple.


We had all been looking forward to the Wild In The Country Festival in Morwenna's back garden all summer, but sadly it got cancelled. It had a great lineup so it was a shame, Soulwax, Mylo, Booka Shade, Sasha and Bjork, to name a few. But we were not gonna let it beat us, so instead we all got the train up and had an awesome time.


Our final night in Paris we played Chi-Chi's book launch for Absolut Vodka. Her book Absolut 100 consists of a 100 pictures from Cannes Film festival this year and is ace, shame we didn't end up going. We were pretty fuckin' annihilated but held it together pretty well, considering between us all we played a 8 hour set. We all dressed up in our finest attire as we were booked as The New English Dandies. The party was in Andre's new venue Chez Moune which is the oldest lesbian bar in Pigalle area. 

David Piper managed to get kicked out after a burlesque with a massive boyfriend confronted him after she was all over him... he might of bitten her though. Chi-Chi got him back again though, but it was not long before she was up again arguing with the frankly awesome looking moustache wearing door man, this time Wade had got kicked out after getting down to speedos and was carried around the club in Jesus trade marked crucifix pose.

The night was a success but we couldn't leave Paris without a final drink at Le Baron... upon arrival Wade went straight up to who he thought was Russell from Soho House and gave him a big hug. "Russell" was with a rather hot girl and Wade picked her up and took her to the bar and then preceded in dancing ridiculously with her to Bohemian Rhapsody. On return, he noticed the Russell looked slightly different to normal and he definitely doesn't normally speak in American accent. Turns out it was Courtney from the Dandy Warhols. He told Wade, that he could never compete with him, the girl it turns out was Julia Dunstall. Wade & Nick cock-blocked each other of course.

As a footnote we should mention that Spiky and Amy pretty much got together to on the Trash dancefloor to their other big hit Bohemian Like You. 


Well it's not often you take "tourist pictures" by the eiffel tower with Supermodels, hang out with Karl Lagerfeld and wear inflatable rubber rings but this is what happens from time to time in the world of Stunners...

After the demolition party we had a few crazy nights... in supermodel hotel rooms and even a Playboy Mansion party, but we can't really remember it all too well and in all honesty nothing could compare to this night. We arrived at the Lacoste party early, Mademoiselle Chi-Chi asked us to come down and kick-start the party Stunners style. We came in Speedos and sailor hats, it was nautical themed after-all.

The party was on a boat moored by the eiffel tower, it was decked out with jacuzzis and beach toys. Santogold performed and the French version of Jodie Harsh spun tunes (not as hot we must admit). The crowd were the Parisian elite, supermodels and let's not forget Rono & Daisy Lowe (who we love). We really took it to the next level and more most of the crowd even around we were on the dance-floors surfing blowup aligators busting some breakdancing moved to a bemused crowd. It did the set the tone for the party. Looking over at The Piper Machine in leopard speedos and Nick, who was wearing a duck rubber ring we could barely contain ourselves and overdosed on all the fun. Literally the best hour of our lives and Karl seemed rather impress with our outfits so do not be surprised if the next Chanel collection is more Stunners (not the first time - Dior, John Richmond etc).

INCOOOOOOMING!!! Girl after girl, pretty much the hottest we have ever seen, and they all flocked around us. This is when it dawned upon is we could never decide. Wade and Nick chatted up at least 5 girls each and couldn't decide to save their lives, well there was one special girl has to be said, but that's more of a long term project, the girls themselves could not choose between Wade of Nick either, but adding something different to the table, and what a feast it was.

Most of you are familiar with cock-blocking I am sure, but Wade and Nick turned it into an art-form, by cock-blocking themselves and each-other but having so much fun doing it. 

Nick actually did pull a girl. The rather delightful model Danny Dwyer from Texas who turned out to be Wade's cousin, 5 removed. He admits to fancying too, even though it might be wrong. They actually share a great granddad who was the mayor of New York. Believe it or not. 

So it was yet another triumphant night in Paris. God we love this city.



Straight from the Eurostar to the biggest party of the year, anticipation was high. We were invited to it 3 months ago when we staying in the very hotel The Royal Monceau which they were about to demolish, but not before the most insane party ever. The doors opened at 10pm, we got there 10.15, and there must of been 400 people outside begging to get in, all of which would of graced any club in the world, models and film stars where left outside. Luckily we took the stunners entrance. 

Once inside, it was even more insane, imagine 500 guests running around a 5 star hotel, full of demolition art installations, waitresses in hard hats, and the bar was even a caterpillar truck. We made it to the Le Baron VIP room which was 5 hotel rooms which they had connected by means of sledgehammer. Andre, Uffie, Chi-Chi and the Le Baron regulars as well as some of our favourite fashionistas from London, especially Hannah were there. It was great to see Dangerous Dan and his lady Pip, who named there kid JUSTICE MAXIMUS, probably the best name of all time. 

We went up to the fifth floor where Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis were performing or something, but ended up in a que to demolish some hotel rooms, we put on hard hats and overalls and went at it with a sledge-hammer, pretty tough walls i must say, but with that burst of adrenalin we went back down to the Le Baron Room where we found Nick & Chris, who were also on a rampage.

The party then went into overdrive. Behind one of the bars that was set in half demolished bathroom was a shower and it wasn't long before Wade was in there with a hot model. The bar staff showering them with champagne.

It was then time to for Wade and Chris to DJ the VIP room, they played for an hour or so and the place was heaving, everyone losing there marbles. But then as per normal the sound system blew up, it could of had something to do with Wade dripping all over the cables, we will never know, but there was a lot of smoke. We later all lost each other, Wade found himself in the DJ booth with Soulwax and "accidently" took their bottle of Grey Goose, he felt rather bad about it the next day however, Dave Soulwax said when he gave it to him, he knew he would never see it again, so it was all cool. 

The party was a huge success and will go down in folklore, but it could never really live up to the expectations. 

Incidentally, Kanye West was there, and he came down to hear us play at Le Baron the night after and he requested Kanye West songs all night, fair play to him, but we didn't actually bring any, so here you go Kanye, this one is for you.

P.S We found Mischa Barton, she spent all night on the Le Baron dancefloor.



We always like going to parties at Harvey Nichols, but this one might of been the best, well apart from the time we played Richard Cheese's version of Sunday Bloody Sunday during the Bono party and he got super pissed! Anyway, it's not everyday you get to see N.E.R.D perform. We were expecting your standard Hip-Hop set, but instead they sounded more like an electro Rage Against The Machine and they had two drummers, it was really intense and Pharell was more Punk than Crunk. Needless to say there were also so many hot women, it was insane, but unfortunately it all ended abruptly, well apart from Pharell, who we are sure had the time of his life. Special shout out goes to Tamsin Egerton's legs, we lost Mischa Barton though, she gave Fionn the eye, big time.

Here is the video for Pharrell's collaboration with Stroke Casablancas and Santogold for a Converse advert.