Waking up on a random sofa at midday with a party still going on around you, on the day off a mayor tournament is never a good idea. Joining in the party for a few minutes, before pouring a rather large vodka on the way to said tournament, also falls into the same category, streaking the tournament itself after winning is obviously genius, but lets not get ahead of ourselves...

Yes, it was the 5th Annual Hendrick's Gin Croquet tournament, and our Rakehell's team were reigning champions. The team consists off The Piper Machine, Nick Saunders, Sigmund & Wade, who incidentally had a lot of work ahead of him, if he was to beat last years jumping into a passing Ferrari celebration. Fuelled on Gin, lots of it. The team comfortably won their group.

But it would be a lot tougher in the knock-out stages, with the dreaded Swiss...

But with nerves of steal in the Final, they want on to win a consecutive trophy, and good to his promise Wade streaked. Gin hangovers are the worst, we must warn you, but if you are gonna have one, it better be a Hendrick's one.



The Piper Machine invited us all down to his launch for Karaoke Box, a new joint in Farringdon. We all got picked up in A-Team style black van, which pretty damm awesome and the legendary Budgieman greeted us on entrance, you might of seen him on South Bank singing with his budgies. The karaoke machines were not as good as Tokyo, as they didn't have an EQ on the Mike, so no way of disguising out of tuneness, but still lots of fun. We took to the decks with 3 CDs (lost them again) but they were all bangers, perfect a karaoke night, think T-Rex, Blondie & Edwyn Collins, who Akira The Don's rapping partner Narstie made us re-wind!. 

After a while the French Rock'n'Roll band for live karaoke came on, and the party came into it's own. Ali Love, complete with an amazing moustache started off with an amazing rendition of The Stooges' No Fun, which definitely got him some skirt. It was followed by Aggy & Grimshaw's version of Kids In America. The party exploded and the champagne kicked in. All in all it was a great night, so well done Mr Piper, and you can all look forward to forthcoming Sunday karaoke nights at Whisky Mist, starting next week we give you Spankyoke, very silly indeed.



The first Stunners Collection is soon to go on sale. We are giving you the opportunity the be one of the first to wear one. It is important for us to sell to the right kinda person, we don't want losers wearing them. The collection is bold and excessive and totally embodies the Stunners lifestyle using simple clipart to get the message across.

The T-shirts are all hand printed and there to be personally customized, if you so wish. Take the sleeves off, rip it apart, add some safety pins, show some skin. They are guaranteed to GET YOU LAID. 

Pre-oder now and get your T-shirt for just 25 pounds incl P&P. This is a limited offer and they will retail for a hell of a lot more.




Just getting back from Paris and Belgium respectively Wade and Fionn didn't have time to prepare a set. Wade even lost his records for the millionth time (the only reason we started this blog is to have a record of how many times we lose records and headphones). The turnout for Felix was pretty astonishing since we just had a weeks promotion, but then again 9 months ago was such a success, everyone expecting more of the same. The Stunners set totally slayed it, and actually blew Felix out of the water, not sure if that's what a warm up slot should be like, but then again it's hard for a Stunner to hold back. 

As you can tell from above, it was a pretty damm rockin party. Here are a couple of mind blowing new tracks from the Stunners set that were too fresh for Felix. The first track is the first non-remix material from Fake Blood, it's out next week on Herve & Sindens Cheap Thrills label. The second is Duke Dumont's remix of Mystery Jets, it's mindblowing and as good as Switch's Hideaway remix. You should also look out for Riton's remix off Hand Me Down. 

Fake Blood - Mars
Mystery Jets - Two Doors Down (Duke Dumont Remix) 


This week saw the release of Cazal's album What Of Our Future. It's a long time coming, but it's definitely worth the wait. It's a weird time for the music industry and it takes a hell of a lot of money to push a product, so we are not expecting it to shift much in the UK or for Phil to buy us a pint, however the good news is, that our friends in Tokyo are buying it right, left and centre and it tops the weekly charts, ahead of none other than Madonna. 

They played live at the album launch party, and it was the best we have seen them, with confidence and swagger and extremely tight with an air of success they played a blinding set. Afterwards we all went down to Durrr and were blown literally of the dancefloor by Proxy, who was playing his first London gig, expect a lot more from him.