Another Swede making beautiful music, Sally Shapiro has an enchanting voice, almost Cocteau twins in its ethereal nature. She has a few albums out and a new single 'Love In July', out to buy now on itunesSally Shapiro - Love In July - EP - Love In July.

Below is the remix of miracle, which is extraordinary.

feOn @ GUILFEST 2009

Feon played in the dance tent on friday at this years Guilfest. He joined the likes of Rusko, Pendulum, Dj Yoda and Tom Middleton in bringing the house down. Listen to his set here.

Intro - Feon Shaman - Guy J
Pale Horses (Gui Boratto Remix) - Moby
Impact - Max Cavalerra
Pale Horses (Apparat Remix) - Moby
Last Panther - The Glitz
Planetaria - Wally Lopez, Zoo Brazil
Softie (Fergie Remix) - Reset Robot
The Ooh - Thomas Schumacher
Green Tea - Nic Fanciulli
Jetstream - Timo Maas
Heat - Pig & Dan
L&B 21 - Layo & Bushwhacka!
Lamur (Henry Saiz Remix) - Guy J
One More Tune - 88 Mix - Tom Middleton
Come Togethapella - Primal Scream
Her Name Is Light - Zorra
Come Together - Primal Scream
Growls Garden - Clark
Creator Master - Oculus
The Disaster (Ink & Needle Remix) - DJ Hell
Hot Knives - Slam