Our last night in Paris proved to be the best. First we went on a faux romantic tour of Paris with Morwenna, we had stolen a bottle of Zubrowka Vodka the night before, and it proved to be rather handy. We tried to blag our way into the Fendi party where Amy Winehouse was playing. We even had wine glasses with us, which fooled the security until they noticed we did not have the wristbands, Dammit. Apparently the party was amazing, but surely not as amazing as Le Baron. 

As you can tell from the picture above, it turned into performance art. Before the insanity and the Stunners set, which started at 4am, we hung out with the owner Andre, who signed Cazals and his girlfriend Uffie. She is a total legend and we would love to have her play one of our night. We love the LA riots remix of her collaboration with Justice, apparently though it will not get a proper release due to "politics". You can listen to it here, and it also features on our latest Mixtape.  

Thanks to everyone at Le Baron, especially Chi Chi! We can't wait to do a monthly in Paris.

Picture Copyright - Chi Chi Menendez 


Whilst Wade destroys his liver and his soul in Paris with THE classic cocktail of vodka and sluts, Fionn has stayed in London to sort out his new accommodation (he's moving east - woop!). Whilst he is doing this he has decided to take a few days off from the Stunners lifestyle to cleanse his liver and soul with a healthy diet of green tea and avocado. Here is a little recipe to make a super healthy snack that will cleanse all sins and make you feel alive again.
  • 1 avocado
  • Half a red onion
  • 1 ripe tomato
  • Houmous
  • 2 Slices of brown seeded bread
  • Olive Oil
  • Lemon Juice
Dice the avocado, red onion and tomato and put in a bowl. Add two tablespoons of the olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice, then season with salt and pepper and mix until its all covered - its basically unmashed guacamole. Toast the brown bread and spread with the houmous. Spoon the avocado mix onto the houmous bread. Serve with a cup of green tea. Pukka!

Here is something healthy for your ears by our new favourite band, MGMT. They are on tour in the UK right now so go see them, they are amazing. Then buy their album, it too is amazing.



In Paris they have this amazing rent-a-bike scheme, and it's great riding around this beautiful city. Wade & Golden totally rocked the PPQ party, it was less electro, more Rock'n'Roll and a whole array of old tunes. 2 Many DJs had been playing the Givenchy party and showed up after, Dave said they are currently producing a record for fellow Ghenters Das Pop. The girl below might just have the best tattoo of all time - "Please Kill Me".


Wade met up with fellow Stunner and superstar fashion designer in the making, Martijn Bal. They went to a black tie ball in the most luxurious of rooms at Hotel Crillon. Wade did not have a black tie however, so he borrowed MaryAnn's spider broche, which has been rocking fashion week so far. It was quite a weird atmosphere, very bourgeois indeed. The champagne was flowing, and entertainment came courtesy of the Ukulele Girls, an all girl ukulele covers band (David Piper would of loved them). Later they went on to Le Baron again, where they stayed until 8am - AGAIN.

Here is a clip from their cover of Killing In The Name Of, and SebastiAns fucking unbelievable remix of it, it is probably the best tunage of all time, best memories of driving in Lindwall's black Jaguar around Los Angeles with this on full blask.

Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name Of (SebastiAn Remix)


The Eiffel Tower looks so pretty lit up at night. Wade is staying with the ever so fabulous MaryAnn, who is his neighbor when he stays with Nicky in L.A, she totally rocked it with him at Le Baron, where they met up with ChiChi and her crew. The party was for Jeremy Scott, and was totally rammed. Musically it was very Justice/Kitsune, and it was not until after a while, we actually realized that Busy P was behind the decks. Here is his already classic Rainbow Man plus the Streetlife Djs N.W.A mashup which kicks arse. This is gonna be a long week.



After Robin's 30th, Wade headed back to an after-party at Petroc's. Everything was going rather smoothly, when a very drunk Wynd jumped on top of him, Wade had a wine glass of Vodka in has hand, and tried not to spill a drop, unfortunately both crashing to the floor, the glass broke, and the stem sliced Wade's DJ finger in half (similar to when he got champagne stem through his foot in Miami). The general (drunken) advice given, was that it could be sorted out in the morning, Morwenna however took him to hospital, where he got 6 stiches and actually had loads of fun, and he managed to get the Eurostar to Paris for fashion week. 


Robin Scott-Lawson turned 30 on Saturday and once again the Stunners International were ready to kick some ass with some bass and some vodka and of course some nudity. Fionn and Wade got naked and it seemed to have a good effect on the rest of the party who duly copied. Fionn had to be bungled into a cab at the end of the night for being TOO drunk [again] and if anyone has seen his vintage Clash t-shirt let us know. He likes it very much.

During the night we remembered another tune that 2ManyDjs had played at Fabric the night before. Its quite a monster.



So, last night we went to Fabric, we can't remember much, apart from dancing like lunatics to an incredible bass-line. Robin drove us down to Farringdon, he just passed his driving test, and did a stirling job, however he just asked us what we were on last night, we actually just had some vodka, courtesty of Smirnoff, so it was most likely the music that made us spazz out. We are playing Robin's birthday tonight, should be awesome. We will put up 2 Many DJs setlist, as soon as some geek puts it up some other blogsite.

We can't remember too much from the set, but they definitely played this awesome Kris Menace track as well as Rory's Teenagers remix, that he has finally allowed us to put up.



... So we are extremely excited to see one of our favorite acts, 2 Many DJ's at Fabric this Friday, it's gonna be great to hear a proper loud sound-system again, it has been too long. This my friend ain't no model party in the West End, nor is it some dive bar in the East, no we will be properly getting our RAVE ON!. We remember seeing 2 Many DJs for the first time at Trash about a hundred years ago, and they have just gone from strength to strength. Once, when they were playing at Revolver during Winter Music conference in Miami, Dave got into a fight with some copper, and they stormed off stage, they told Wade & Spiky who were dancing behind the booth to carry on, which was a great honour, except, they did not have many records with them, Wade even had to put on Relax!, it was 5am, so no one really cared, then Ben Fat Trucker started throwing records around the place, and it turned into carnage, we can't recall if they actually went back on again...  

Here is a mini-mix, perfect to put on before heading down to Fabric, get there early, it will be rammed.

1. Lipps Inc - Funkytown
2. Soulwax - NY Excuse
3. Christopher & Raphael Just - Disco 128
4. Alter Ego - Rocker (Erol Alkan Remix)  



"Show me a man with a tattoo and I'll show you a man with an interesting path." Jack London, 1883.

So you may recall in an earlier post, that Wade & Fionn got up after a long night out (they didn't entirely go to bed), finished off what was left of the vodka and made it down to the nearest tattoo parlour, sadly we had to wait a week to sober up. Well we did in fact sober up, and Wade did follow through and get his done, it's a new revised version of the Stunners logo, and looks badass (chicks love it). Fionn on the other hand cared more about his "male modelling", so did not get it done, he will have to wait a few years until he is over the hill like Wade, who would never book a Mugatu campaign to save his life. He did mention that he is expecting a comeback as a "mature" model.



This weekend we got the whole crew East for a house party. Wade's next-door neighbour and lawyer Todd Hart was celebrating his thirty something birthday. Todd is pretty much the coolest guy in London, always amazingly dressed, he ended up in a ladies african robe, but he also manages to have a proper job off the Strand, god knows how he does it, you should check out his fantastic blog Dalston Oxfam Shop also. 

It's nice going to a house party, its been way too long, even New Yorkers like Kelly Macauley (of Club Kelly in the penthouse of The Raleigh Miami fame) and Tommy Saleh (if you come up with an idea for a party and have not told anyone, he would still know before you) came down, so it was a great night, and a good antidote to fashion week. Stunners ended up playing a set which was ace, and we also bumped into our dear friend and musical collaborator Akira The Don, not seen him out in years. And Sai took a beating, but she took it well.

Mr Hart will be playing Fabric this Friday with 2 Many DJs, Erol Alkan and SMD, sadly no Stunners on the bill, but we will be there in full support.

Here is a track from Akira The Don's forthcoming Mixtape/Album 'Thieving' and another from the Stunners 130 collaboration. 


Sorry, it has been a while since our last post, this is due to vast quantities of free alcohol, and too many hangovers checking out girls going to castings and shows. Here is our report on London Fashion Week, Stunners Style.


We organized and played the party for Jean-Pierre Braganza, one of London's hottest designers (Stunners can often be seen wearing his clothes). It was all put together last minute with the help from our dearest Daisy and our favorite drag-queen superstar Jodie Harsh. In hindsight it turned out to be the best party of the week. Afterwards Wade headed down to the BAFTA's after-party, where he sadly did not get the £7,000 goody-bag, but instead caned the champagne (when will we learn). He did actually end up hanging out with NYCs premier club promotor Amy Sacco, the lady behind Bungalow8, you would of seen it in Sex & The City.


The PPQ party was insane, absolute mayhem on the door, a total fashion scrum. Once in, the party did not disappoint, we played a great set until 4am with dancing "London Paper" celebs everywhere. Fionn accompanied a nameless supermodel back to Nathan Whitey's house, where he played his new anthemic Whitey track, think Wrap It Up times a million. Fionn and that dude Ronnie from No Picasso were engaged in a house party DJing war, seeing Fionn ejected in the morning due to his consistent techno abuse.

We had the night off and went down to the Kisa party at Maya, Wade bumped into Camilla Al Fayed, who he met whilst playing the Jeremy Scott party in Los Angeles, that night he ended up taking her to loads of strip bars, this time though, was more civilized, ending up at the Christopher Kane party at Bungalow8. She mentioned that she has been listening loads to the CDs he left in her hotel room. Not for the first time, and sadly not the last time that Wade has lost his records. At least she is super hot.


It's always weird playing in-store gigs, and H&M was no exception, very bright lights and rails of clothes are not the ideal for the dance-floor, but it was a great crowd at the party. Mark Ronson was playing live, and there was a lot of anticipation in the air, and as such it was not our intention to upstage him, it just happened. After not too long, all the Stunners crew were in pink tight trousers doing the conga up and down the escalator, he got slightly pissed off (this actually got mentioned in The Metro), but to be fair to him, he played a blinding set. We got to keep the pink trousers too.


We were pretty damm wrecked by this point, but with Wolverine-like regeneration we pulled it together for one final party, the fact Hot Chip and Mylo were playing also helped. So we made it down to the Mulberry event, and sipped on comedy cocktails with umbrellas, unfortunately we have more vodka in our urine, but still Hot Chip blew us away, they have definitely matured as a live act and will be rocking the festival circuit this summer without doubt, the live version of Over and Over is genius, we with loads more groove and added baseline. 

Mylo came on afterwards, but unfortunately the sound kept cutting in and out, Fionn noticed a plug with the longest extension cable in the world, and plugged it back in properly thus saving the night. It was fun seeing a superstar DJ experiencing similar problems as us at Sketch (if you are reading this Robin Scott-Lawson, gaffer tape it down please, oh and happy 30th by the way). Mylo did really get it going, with lots off beefed up versions of party hit classics. Afterwards we dragged him and his whole crew down to Maya, where our dear friend Jasper Von Tay sorted us out with loads of vodka. Mylo said he has been reading our blog. So Mylo, hope you liked our Mix-CD we gave you, and do you fancy playing a gig with us in Tunisia?.


All fashioned out, we called it a week and went to see There Will Be Blood, it's a masterpiece, Daniel Day-Lewis is well worthy of the Oscar he will win (although Viggo is almost as good in Eastern Promises, would love to see them together), his portrayal is equal to the one as Bill the Butcher in Gangs of New York, Wade's & Spiky's hero. They were so obsessed with him, they even dressed like him, grew a moustache and won 2nd prize in a Halloween competition at Club Muthafucka in New York. Spiky also played the following song from the soundtrack, at Wade's wedding, not the best idea ever. The marriage did not last beyond 10 weeks. 



Fionn just finished shooting the new Specsavers campaign which will be all over trains, taxis and buses come spring. So in celebration of Fionn joining the ranks of the blind (although in his case probably induced by chronic masturbation), we give you the mega-hit, 'Ready for the Floor' by our favourite specky geeks, Hot Chip. Their new album, 'Made In The Dark' is out now in all good record stores. Buy it, its amazing.



So we feel slightly broken today, and what better way to express our misery, than a couple of tracks from our favorite narcissist Nathan Whitey. Firstly an experimental track with vocals coming from a recording of a 1970 Charles Bukowski recital. They played the track live in Los Angeles on new years, singing California Uber Alles through a vocodor on top. Secondly a track that perfectly describes the turmoil caused by our constant struggle with inner demons.


Stunners celebrated De Carle's birthday in style. First we cooked mexican food at her model apartment The Pussy Palace, where they weekly hold pillow fights. If the food wasn't impressive enough we even invented a new dance, its based on the late Ian Curtis's epileptic fits.  Sketch rocked out once more, return to the glory days, however we ran out of booze for the after-party which sucked!!!. We did get some vodka in the morning though, and got annihilated, but sadly were not allowed to get tattoos, but we did make appointments for next week. We ended up singing Karaoke with Phil Bush at The Dolphin, where we murdered Lady In Red.

Doing "The Curtis" at Sketch

Cazals played Rob Da Banks show on Radio1, here is their cover of Daft Punk's Digital Love, Gallagher definitely nailed the solo, in addition Crookers remix of there new single Life Is Boring (video below), and for good measure Joy Division's classis Warsaw.