The people of Harajuku are a rather friendly bunch, some off them may where gas masks, bandages and gothic make-up, but they give out free hugs.

Check out some seriously cool dudes.



Marits arrived in Tokyo to take over the Stunners baton from David & Chris. We headed down to the opening of the Terry Richardson vs Jackass photographic exhibition. It was nice to see Terry again, last time we were playing his book launch at The Delano in Miami, pretty much naked (surprise, surprise). We were playing poolside and managed to get some chicks to jump into the pool naked, however, as it was an infinity pool the water went all over the plug sockets and blew up the sound-system. I believe the press release said that we got naked and threw the sound-system into the pool. 

The show was ok, essentially the Jackass crew and Terry of course, naked, pissing on irons, throwing up, hanging trainers from their bell-ends, the norm basically. To be honest it was kinda bit lame and dates, but American Apparel put the whole thing on, so I'm sure it was worth some money to someone. 

Marits by the way is on a month sabbatical trying to find himself, here in Tokyo and India, but he did get offered a job working within the roadworks industry, training is going good so far as you can see below.


This week saw the return to Stunners Action for Scandinavians David Lindwall & Christoffer Fagerli. They were in Tokyo for fittings for the Yoshi Yamamota show in China, where they will be catwalking in the Emperor's forbidden palace or something like that, lucky bastards. 

We hadn't seen much of Christoffer because between modeling he goes back to Norway and builds ships, proper men in grease action. It was really good to have him back onboard for some Tokyo mayhem, the following is what happens when 3 Scandinavian giants hit the town.

It started of innocently enough with a few beers in the park, it's nice you are allowed to drink in the streets here. In fact it really should be every mans right, the world over. It's one of the main things that puts us off America, where we have received several fines. We saw the crazy Rockabilly guys, the insane Harujuki girls and these guys that played some form of hacky-sack that had the skill of Ronaldo, should also mention some guy tapping dancing to his own beat.

We later headed to Shibuya, we managed to complete Time Crisis 4 (probably cost us 10 quid), but then we found these bottles of god knows what, that are meant to be ten times more potent than Red Bull, obviously illegal everywhere else in the world. Well they went down very smoothly indeed, but I guess we should of new what was gonna happen, because it was not long before we were pounding drinks, singing The Pixies in a karaoke session in some weird brothel with a rather drunk Japanese business guy that legendary Dutch Stunner Tijmen had found.   

We naked "heiled" a taxi to Ropogni for some crap model party, this was a Sunday after-all so the expectations weren't too high, and Chris was on a mission to get fucked. Well some stranger giving him 3 pills certainly helped. Thinking they were dude, he took all 3 in one go... they turned out to be horse tranquilizers. Before they kicked in though we came across 6 Japanese girls in school uniforms, who happened to have a bottle of absinthe, knowing it was a school night, Wade stepped in and downed half the bottle. 

Chris on horse tranquilizers, Wade on Absinthe and David being a light-weight due to half his intestines being taking out due to some rare disease, which essentially keeps him skinny and helps him get pissed (Wade has always been jealous). Needless to say the rest of the consisted of taking taxis in circles, hugging street cones, street stuntmanship and the obligatory Chris sleeping outside the house for an hour with his dick hanging out in true viking style.  

Here are some Scandinavian tracks to keep you raping and pillaging.



It has taken Wade sometime to recover from a crazy night out at Le Baron. It's not every day you get to party with 80's rockstars and supermodels, well I guess it kinda is, but everything is just so more surreal in Tokyo. You also form a kind of  "we are all lost in translation, lets hang out together" bond.

We were in the raised area with Duran Duran, Rinko, Sonoya and Agyness, and we were surprised how people would just go up and asked to take pictures, it doesn't really happen in London at free drinks parties or whatever, everyone is too cool for school. But here there is a beautiful innocence in the way it happens, and everyone happily obliged. Wade got some good exercise advice from Nick Rhodes, but it has to be said, he had quite a pouch. The drummer from Duran Duran played some cheesy 80s stuff then Agyness and Jackson spun again. They played (and we totally love) M.I.A's Paper Planes, it seems to be a massive hit over here. 

After their set and tons of champagne we went up into the karaoke room, where we all belted out some classics. Karaoke is one of the best things about Tokyo, instead of trying to find an after-party, you go with your mates get a karaoke room, and it's like 5 quid a head and free drinks (remember Japanese can't handle their drinks - Fionn would bankrupt several establishments on one of his drinking rampages). Wade & Jackson sang a great rendition of Under The Bridge, but it was not until Simon Le Bon got on the mike that the place started to rock. Simon by the way it one of the most open and easy going guys around, he was wearing some crazy diamond eagle belt buckle, Renee asked what the hell it was, "COCK" he replied.

Wade ended up joining him in a duet, but can't quite remember what song it was, he can however remember Simon slipping him the tongue in the guitar solo. The rumor in London is Hand-Job thanks to Rory. Agyness said it's not cheating if it's the same sex, which might be true, but it's definitely not cheating if it's Simon Le Bon, or Jasmine for that matter, Marits says their daughter is hot too, but only 14 or something, naughty naughty. 

Here is a crazy track of the Stunners 130 mix incorporating Duran Duran, Basement Jaxx, Digitalism, Technotronic, Tears For Fears, Kartman & The Piper Machine. 

Bonus track: Paper Planes



So it takes a while to get into the swing of things in Tokyo and to get over your jet lag, so it was nice to see a familiar face... and when we say familiar, we guess she is familiar to most of the Western world and has even graced the cover of Time magazine, as did Derek Zoolander you might recall. 

Agyness was playing records at Le Baron where Wade is doing a month long residency. It was around 5 years ago that Wade and Agyness did a Will Young video together (see still below), they had to play table football and pretend to be his friend for 500 quid for the afternoon, result. Wade was in his modeling prime at the time, but Agyness was pretty new to the game. During the shoot Wade ended up doing magic mushrooms, and I guess looking at both of their career trajectories since then, we are glad that Agyness didn't pick up any of his bad habits. 

She played back to back with Jackson from NYC, who was a resident at Misshapes and also seems to know every single person we do, he even lived across the street from Spiky in Brooklyn. They played a really good mixture of stuff like Elastica, The Moldy Peaches, Talking Heads & The Supremes and the crowd went mental, we have never seen so many picture being taken during a DJ set before, but then again, this is Japan. 

Wade had a dream a few weeks ago that Agyness amputated his leg. He should of probably kept that to himself, but she seemed quite bemused. 



Last night Fionn played records at the DKNY Jeans store opening on Bond Street. It was a messy affair as the mega strong pomegranate and vodka cocktails woefully outsized the miniature burgers, and without Wade to help Fionn drink them all is was up to Fionn to fly the alcoholic flag. He didn't let us down. Also on the bill were The Paddingtons who played a quick set and rocked it. Afterwards we all rocked it down in a red convertible 1969 For Mustang to Bungalow8 for Robin's night. Not much else was remembered after that...



We are use to accolades in Vogue, i-D and even Attitude Magazine, normally more to do with our nakedness or for being really really ridiculously good looking, so it's nice to get a great review and musical recognition in DJ Mag. Here is what they have to say about our mixtape...

"A trio of electro freaks whose electro/B-more pile-ups of Switch, Boys Noize and D.I.M. are like a jolt of pure dancefloor electricity and a flood of nefarious chemicals straight to the aorta. You've bound to hear a lot more about Stunners International soon..."

Download it now! Upset your neighbours! (Fionn already has) Here is the tracklisting.



ChiChi booked us last minute to come over to play Danny's birthday party at Paris Paris. Playing in the smallest VIP room with a makeshift sound system (speakers blew up every 3rd track) was loads of fun and extremely hot. The room itself held 30 people at any given time and was sponsored by Absolut Vodka, we reckon between us, we consumed at least 30 bottles during the night. Sai looked smokin' as a Nazi Kabaret artist and Wade managed to pull off a weird "dancing monkey" costume, they made quite the couple. We got loads of offers for more gigs and even ended up playing back to back with Uffie.

Saturday was mainly spent in bed, admiring the mess we made of the hotel room. We finally left the room at 9pm, we quickly took a few pictures by the Eiffel Tower. Andre treated us to dinner at his Hotel Amour, it's an amazing boutique hotel that use to be a brothel. The food was great and the music in the background was great throughout playing the likes of The Kills, Raveonettes & Whitey. We really wish there was somewhere like it here in London. 

We later went back to Paris Paris for a fancy dress party, but could not for the life of us find ChiChi who was dressed up as Princess Di. We did spend some time in the kitchen though, which is probably the coolest place on earth. 

Apart from the fact it's impossible to get a taxi late at night, Paris is killing it right now. We can't wait to go back. We will be doing a Stunners night in June, we will keep you posted.

Photography Copyright: ChiChi Menendez



Contrary to some our sexual performances over the past few years, here is our brand spanking new mixtape. It is H.A.R.D as nails, not for the faint hearted. 


We were interviewed by the lovely Julia Rebaudo for private members club The Hospital. Not sure what their members think of the Stunners Manifesto. Here is an excerpt...

"Go back a few decades and school kids wanted to be pop stars, astronauts and nurses. Today, they want to be glamour models, reality TV stars and.... DJs. Stunners International are turntable masters who really aren't the best role models, but they throw a helluva party.

Just in case you thought the Rock'n'Roll lifestyle remained in the unreliable hands of the faltering and on-their-last-legs, gruesome twosome Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty, think again. Take a look at these two decadent model-come-DJs who are living it up all over Londontown. Oh, sure you say, what are they up to that's so great?.

Well, how about sharing hot tubs with Lindsay Lohan, taking Camilla Al Fayed to LA's seediest strip joints and getting girls to strip and snog for their DJ sets.

You may have come across the slightly dubious DJ outfit known as Stunners International a few years back when they managed to get a bit of press of the back of founder Wade Crescent. Rewind about five years and the towering, razor-cheeked skinny lad was about as hot as you got in the land of male models.

These days Wade is turning 30, still looking a little "herion chic" if with a hint of a paunch and still living the life organizing parting and DJing for the fashion world. Wade's current partner in crime is the much younger, and slightly fresher looking Fionn MacDiarmid. Aged 23, he models in his spare time - look out, he's the next  face of Specsavers, don't cha know?

That's when he's not slugging back bottled of vodka, getting naked at gigs and making off with 17-year-old models. "You want Rock'n'Roll decadence? he asks. "Well, the other night at this party I got naked and before I knew it my mate had put my penis in his mouth. Well, I wasn't that happy about it, so I then decided to pee in his mouth. Yes, it was hilarious..."

The Stunners have built up a bit of a London following through their parties and DJ nights at Sketch. So much so, that the likes of Uber-trendy celeb club Bungalow8 get in touch with the boys when they want to fill the place with their gorgeous gang.

"Our lot are mainly fashion people, all young, all stunning and up for a party" Wade says.

For a moment, I wonder whether the 24-hour Rock'n'Roll party life is all that, if after years at it, when the first flush of youth has been washed away, whether there might be a little emptiness inside. But as the boys get up to go,  shrugging on their black leather jackets, casually cutting dashing figures, I am reassured and relieved that the party is still on and it's just oozing Rock'n'Roll style." Interview by Julia Rebaudo



The characteristics of a "Peter Pan" include:
  • Irresponsibility
  • Rebelliousness
  • Pottering About
  • Anger
  • Narcissism
  • Dependency
  • Manipulativeness
and the belief that he is beyond society's laws and norms.

Turning 30 is a remarkable thing, I mean getting this far is almost miraculous, narrowly avoiding the Rock'n'Roll death at 27 (Hendrix, Morrison, Joplin etc). It's even more bizarre the fact that Freddie just turned 18. One life about to begin it's merry adventure and the other contemplating settling down. Well, Wade is not your average 30 year old, and he has many more lives within him. 

So he celebrated the event in true style. He dressed up in a pretty pimp Peter Pan outfit and Tinkerbell looked ravishing on his arm, it's a shame Captain Hook (his Dad) couldn't make it down. It was not long before he was getting "the naked bumps" at Sketch in front of his poor cousins (courtesy of Wynd & Calum).

After Sketch, The Joiners Arms (Gay bar in Shoreditch) & The Fucktory from the night before. We were very much looking forward to a more civilized birthday celebration at Wynd's house in London Fields. We planned dinner for 7.30pm but as always with roasts they take forever, so we ate around 10pm, which gave us plenty of time to drink lots of red wine. Nathan did a stirling job in the kitchen and it was a really pleasant atmosphere with lots of friends old and new, who all seemed to get on great. 

The food was followed by speeches, terrible jokes and of course an impromptu acapella version of Bohemian Rhapsody. We later put on a Fez each and marched over to The Dolphin for a final drink or two many. Wade managed to catch a mouse with his fez, but obviously let it back into the Hackney night.


As we mentioned in a previous post, Stunners infiltrated the shoot for Britain's next top model and will now appear on billboards and Tubes everywhere. 


Well it's not quite The Stones vs The Beatles or Blur vs Oasis, but just been released, were two "difficult" second albums, both produced by our favorite knob twiddler, superstar DJ and occasional sound technician (cheers for sorting out the sound at the wedding) Erol Alkan. Check out his new snazzy website.

Giddy Stratospheres was one of the best indie songs released over the last few years, so we did have high expectations for The Long Blondes new material. New single starts out like an outtake from David Bowie's Low album and ends up sounding like Donna Summer. It's is genius. 

We tried our best to get into Mystery Jets last time around, even with remixes from Erol and Justice, it just didn't click for us (this is not the reason Fionn ended up with the lead singers passport after a heavy night at The End, that still remains a mystery), however we love the lead single Young Love, so we are looking forward to hearing the rest of the album. Here is also the brilliant Switch remix of Hideaway that will set dance floors alight.


Calum, Fionn & Hellana moved into their new house, when we say house, we mean more like a "comedy style sitcom factory kinda East London advertorial kinda house". It turned out to be an almighty moving in party. Although it is in a secret location in the middle of nowhere and it was Easter Sunday, it turned out to be insane, it went on as long as Glastonbury and we are still in pain. The neighbors aren't best pleased!. Here is a photo montage as words could not describe what went on. It all started with an innocent Sunday Roast... 

Ps. The Gravy was out of this world!!!


6 years ago, we all went to NYC for the first time. Who would of thought that all these years later we would be attending Spiky & Amy's wedding reception (I know we did all look ridiculous). It was almost like a Trash reunion set in the lavish surroundings of the Masons Temple of the Great Eastern Hotel. We hadn't been there since the hot tub days of Return To NY (how we miss you so). It was a fabulous affair with a lot of love in the air. It was great to see the two families coming together. Are we now grown ups? Spiky & Amy are married, Lindwall is engaged, Wade is divorced, when did all this happen?. 

Amy's dad speech was a tear jerker, and Jordee's was extremely funny and well prepared, Wade on the other hand scrapped his best man speech 5 minutes beforehand (not the best idea he has ever had) but managed to somehow "showbiz" it out. The best part of the night though was the Conga followed my "What do we do with the drunken Sailor" dance routine. Spiky looked great in his Dior suit, and Amy as always looked immaculate. After we all went to The Ye Old Axe strip bar rockabilly night, which was ace.

Here is Blonde Acid Cult's new video. They just played a gig at the Tribeca Grand in NYC which went down a storm, the editor of Rolling Stone said he got the same kinda buzz as when he saw The Strokes for the first time.