Spiky and Amy arrived in town just in time to see Cazals play at The Scala. They hadn't seem them in several years, so they were pretty shocked with how far they have come. It was great for us to see them on a big stage with great sounds. The drums were unbelievable and the show was super professional. They were playing support to Australias (and there were many Aussies here) Midnight Juggernaughts who totally blew us away. We can't to see them again at Durrr on the 7th of April. You should join us. The highlight was Into The Galaxy which was on our recent mixtape. Here is Kris Menace's remix of Out Of The Storm and his sometime collaborator Lifelike's remix of Cazals' upcoming surefire (in a parallel Universe) hit single Somebody, Somewhere, it's out the 5th of May on Kitsune. 



It was quite an eventful week in the life of Stunners. It started out when we modelled for the TV commercial for Britain's next top model. We did it mainly for a laugh, also Calum gave us some high expectations of it all. It was hilarious, and the girls (incl. their mothers) were quite shocked by our (tongue very firmly in cheek) sleaze. We wish all the contestants the best of luck but we reckon the shorter one with the crap Essex boyfriend and the attitude will win it. 
Next off was Jodie Harsh's birthday at Movida which was essentially the who's who of the "London Paper Scene" (Aggynes, Geldofs, Mark Ronson etc). We just started getting our groove when it was time for the resident DJ to go on, he ruined it all with 50cent. Then it was off to to Bungalow8, where bullied our way on to the decks. However the stunning Valentine used her Parisian charm and got back on before we upset to many people. The next day we found out that Jodie fell over her make-up box and ended up with in A&E, the tragic irony. So in the words of Ms Harsh, the night was "Major".

All of this is of a pale significance, because on Friday night Freddie turned 18! and is now officially allowed to enter the clubs he has been playing in for the past few years. For some of you fans out there it must be hard to believe he in only now 18, for Freddie has been creating havoc around the world for as long as we can remember. It was also legend Chris Belcher's birthday, so it was a big one.
Sketch was the place, and it went off like a rocket, it might of had something to do with Tinkerbell running around with fairy dust. We don't think it has ever been that much carnage, half the dance floor had their tops of and at point even the staff were dancing on the bar. We all took turns behind the decks, Freddie and Nick put in a blinding set, they have really come along way in a very short time. We even got to meet both their parents who were all awesome. Special marks to Freddie's mum (who is hotter than Princess Di) who got several shout-outs throughout the night.

On Saturday we went to see Freddie's grandparents for a lovely (if slightly surreal) family dinner. It was followed by a sing-a-long by the fire. Freddie's mum has an amazing voice by the way (OK second mention in this post - yes we fancy her). 

Freddie always plays this, it's genius.



It's been ages since we went to a house party, and ages since Fionn has got naked, at least a week or so. In fact we have probably never been to a party without "Naked Fionn". After Sketch we got a taxi to Brixton. Freddy & Mike had brought their guitars, so we busked all the way, the driver we must admit was rather tolerant. Singing all night long, was loads of fun, listening back on the mobile videos excruciating. It must be the first time we have not tried to hijack the decks, instead we just sang silly lyrics over famous songs. We remember one about a duck, it totally made sense at the time. 
It was Marits birthday on Sunday, and he rather optimistically made arrangements for us to all meet at 3pm in a pub in Primrose Hill. Believe it or not though, it was a great turn-out, and most of us got there by 6pm. In fact when Wade arrived he brought a rainbow. Mequita put her card behind the bar, and a hundred rounds later, we headed off to Camden, to the Elephants Head, which is fine rockabilly drinking establishment. We have not been out in Camden in ages, and it really feels like anything goes there. It ended up being a great night out. So happy birthday Marits!!! Thank god you made your stuntman lorry jump.



Spiky Phil is one half of the legendary Spitroast Brothers, the other being Wade, they once played naked for a Terry Richardson party at The Delano in Miami. Spiky started legendary club night trash with Mr Alkan. He currently lives in NYC, where he runs Tiswas 2.0. He is also getting married to one of our absolute favorite human beings alive Amy, in just a few weeks, we are so excited, oh and we shall not forget Cherry the dog (who Wade once rescued using his veterinary skills and a stick) and Dave the cat (not named after Lindwall - as they often point out).

Spiky drums for NYC hipster band Blonde Acid Cult, they draw comparisons with Kasabian and have quite a dance Mancunian sound, Madchester meets Motown. It's there live performances that really set them apart, Manhattan on fire. Check their myspace for their upcoming shows and for Tiswas 2.0. Stunners will be remixing their future single Hey Nah.

Also Spiky just sent us this track from his piss-take side project King Monkey, "The Brooklyn Manc". We think it's absolutely genius, Bez would be dancing his tits off to this. Join the monkey bandwagon.

As a bonus, this is a clip from the last ever Trash, you can see Spiky dancing on the DJ booth, however you can't see Fionn & Wade crawling the around the or on acid. It was a truly memorable night. RIP Trash.


We'd like to give a shout out to some close friends, a Nu-School breaks outfit known as The Magnet Men. The Magnet Men are like the anti-Stunners or Stunners in a parallel universe, where vodka equates to beer and sluts are replaced by the comfort of a cold kitchen floor as they drift out of consciousness. Check their myspace pictures for a full lifestyle overview. They live in poverty committed to their music production like true artists. 

So it's a pleasure to congratulate them on their first vinyl single release. It entered at no.1 on the breaks chart at Juno records and has now sold out, everywhere. If you're a filthy breaks raver, go get yourself a copy upon the re-release (and have a shower while you are at it). If not get a copy anyway coz they do their own cover design and it's pretty.

You can buy the single here, also here is a track they did a while ago.

The Magnet Men - The Patient



So the baguette made it safely back to London. Probably in a far better state than Wade. It was nice to be back at Sketch. We ended up playing a proper party set and had everyone going until disaster struck and vodka got spilt over the mixer  (she will remain unnamed but she knows she has been a very naughty girl) resulting in every filter going haywire. 

We wished we were recording it, because it sounded like Justice on crack - maybe not quite right for Sketch at midnight. Speaking of Justice, here is their video for DVNO, it's so good we wanna cry.