Stunners touched down in Miami for a week of hedonistic fun in the sun during the Art Basel Festival. We had been booked to play at Rok Bar by our old friend and Stunners cohort, Sebastian Puga, who is now creative director there. Little did we know that MSTRKRFT and Guns & Bombs were also in town, so we all joined forces in a DJ tag team three-way and totally destroyed the venue. Below are two of the big tunes from the night.

The DJ booth at Rok Bar is the best.



It's finally here kids! After the massive critical success of the 'Really Ridiculously Good-Looking' Stunners' Mixtape 2008, which none other than DJ Mag described as "like a jolt of pure dancefloor electricity and a flood of nefarious chemicals straight to the aorta", Stunners have brought to you the second installment of their genre-busting and rule-breaking mixtapes.

Plus as a special bonus here is one of the tasty mash-ups from the mixtape unmixed for your own djing pleasure. Enjoy.



OK, so slightly far fetched title pun from Noel Coward penned Mad Dogs and Englishmen. But thats the best way to describe the past few weeks. Yes we have been blessed with many a beautiful and charming girl from down-under. None more incredible than Ms Stephanie Carta, who turns out to be the mystery model from the shower at The Demolition Party. Well that is certainly one way to meet. Since their reunion, Stephanie and Wade have formed a formidable partnership, she even writes an amazing blog. Not often do we come across a like minded individual like Stephanie and we embrace here into our Stunners bosom. In an ideal world we would all move together with our Brothers and Sisters around the world and live on The Island (with sponsored Vodka of course).

Home to many of these wonderful nights have been at Maddox, who at first we didn't like too much of as a club, but over the past few weeks and particularly since Halloween has been an essential weekly fixture in the Stunners Diary. A lot of the thanks should go to Alex Lambrechts, who has managed to pull a vast array of beautiful girls out of the woodwork (not for the first time), but also so Swastika Pete who has been spinning with Wade and the occasional Hogwarts student. The nights start with a models squeezed into life-raft style dinner followed by pure Rock'n'Roll carnage. All in all Wednesdays at Maddox is the place to be, so come on down.

Join our Facebook Group and check out some amazing photos taken by none other than Mr Lambrechts himself.

Who hosts the occasional after-party. Very messy after party. Waking up with blank memory after party.

Don't try this at home kids. Stunners are highly trained street stuntmen and can more than likely fly anyway.



Stunners International were confirmed to play the Nokia 'I Contain Music' party in the rather grand surroundings of the Bloomsbury Ballroom. As we arrived the queue was already stretching round the block. Among the celebrities spotted was a cool looking Dizzee Rascal plus a rather large entourage. Dizzee is a lovely guy who always has a smile on his face and this year he has really cemented his place among the elite of the British music industry with his massive number one hit 'Dance With Me'.

In the video you can see Wade sporting the new Stunners International T- Shirt collection. You can order yourself one of these cool limited edition tees right here.

Below is the now classic Crookers bootleg of 'Thunderstruck' by AC/DC, which features in the above video, plus our opening track on the night; '3 Days Awake' by Lytz, which was a masive hit in Berlin this summer. Enjoy.



The recent fire in the Eurostar tunnel had made it a lot easier to change your ticket, thank god we needed to recover after a heavy month. We ended up missing the first 3 nights of fashion week, but we did turn up in Paris revitalized. 

We met up with Chris and Roxie for the best steak with mashed potatoes and a rich creamy bearnaise sauce. We followed that up with vast amounts of vodka. We met up with Annabelle Wallis at the Alexander McQueen party, she was the lovely Lara Bohinc, extremely talented Jewelry designer and now Mum, she looked amazing considering she only gave my birth a few months ago, we were actually meant to play the delivery but were in NY at the time. 

We brought them along to Le Baron where we were playing, and as we have mentioned loads before on this blog, it's one of our favorite places to play. This time we had the Olsen twins boogying down with as always a million hot chicks. 

None hotter though than Angela, who Wade had arranged to meet up with on the dance-floor and she arrived perfectly to tango... (missing scenes)

The next night we went so a Prada dinner after party where we up with Mr Laskey and his lovely friend Eden, who happens to be on the front cover of Vogue this month. We also met up with Finish stunner Ms Annika Stenvall who as ever was "Riot Girling". We left pretty quickly to go to the Paul&Joe party we were playing, but some reason it wasn't really happening, we did get there at 3am, has to be said. But luckily was still a free bar, so we ended up having the best most unpretentious fun. 

By Sunday we were starting to feel the pain, but still tried to steal the Mona Lisa, on touching another painting security was over Wade in millie-seconds. We did have a love bike journey through Paris and believe it or not came across Haders!!! 

That night went to Regine that night for the New York New York party, and it was great seeing Tommy Salah, Misshapes and Spencer Product. We spent most of the time running around the kitchen through these catacombs. Thanks to Dan for letting us stay, but it seemed Laskey had the most fun with a British super model in a strip bar. Dammit. 



A lot could be written of Fionn's 7 week "sabaticle" in Tokyo, but this video and the heart-achingly beautiful tune below pretty much sum it all up.



So Time Out celebrates 40 this week and one of our favorites girls happens to be one of London's 40 icons. We have known Lily Cole since she was barely a teenager and she has turned into a beautiful woman. You can read "her" interview here. The thing to bare in mind was that she let Wade & Spiky write it for her on a drunk night out, so she might come across a little arrogant, however the publicist obviously censored most of it. Well done Lily by the way.

Also well done to Erol Alkan for making the list. He is definitely one of our London icons and one of the main catalysts for a lot bands, friendships and shag-ons. He has produced 3 outstanding albums this year, Late Of The Pier's perhaps being the finest. You can read the interview here. This is one of the standout tracks from LOTP's Fantasy Black Channel album.



Although LFW had been and passed, there was still the Agent Provocateur fragrance launch show to tie us over until Paris fashion week. The thing about lingerie shows is they are always more fun, the girls are more sassy and the crowd really gets into it, this one was very much like that, except the people cheering the most were the celebs like Kate Moss, Kelly O etc. We were fortunate enough to literally be on the catwalk itself and got a lot of good side-boob action. Daisy Lowe opened the show that also featured Jodie Harsh (more on her/him later) and our very own Isabelle, who we first didn't recognize. She looked stunning.

After the papparazzi stampede outside we went down to Sadie "who was only ever hot in Bram Stoker's Dracula" Frost's launch of something or other. It was a new club called Vendome, which could possibly be the worst place in the world. Do not believe what you read in the paper's, the party was SHIT, diabolical even. Suits mixed with some gay 70s carwash dude. Ok, fair enough Kate Moss etc were there, but we could not take more than 15 minutes in the place.

We later played a Creative Awards ceremony party at the Hospital, which was kinda like an office party, but we did go down a treat. Mr Laskey filling in for Fionn on this occasion, doing a stirling job with a little help from Isabelle and Morwenna. It was actually the best party of the night and it was fun seeing George Lamb behind the decks. All in all, quite a weird night, but it was about to take an unexpected turn...

Back at Morwenna and Laskey's house, Jodie Harsh sitting on Wades lap, started slapping him in the face (reason unknown) quite a few times. However, since Wade cut his hair he has been a little more violent and has decided not to take anymore shit from anyone, let alone drag queens (famous or not) and took her/him by the throat and pushed her to the floor where he preceded in pouring the rest of the cheap, yet at 5am in the morning, highly sought after red wine in her/his face. From an outside point of view it must of looked ricockulous. 

Wade would like to take this opportunity to apologize to Ms Harsh for the incident and also wonders if this makes him a wife-beater or not.



We just did an interview with Black Knave, a new website for the fashionably profane man. Check it out here and click the Stunners banner.


Straight after Fashion week, we headed to Versailles where we were playing Anoushka Beckwith's 21st birthday, daughter of the equally stunning Tamara Beckwith, who is a super hot MILF. We headed by coach with all her friends, a lot of TBs/DBs (Thorough Breds / Double Barrels) for sure, but all sweet. We were definitely outsiders though, so we are glad that Margo came too, with her new boyfriend, who is ace. 

The theme for the party was Maria Antionette and everyone was dressed up and looked amazing, truly a divine way to party. Fireworks, food and champagne set in beautiful surroundings and in the impressive Chateau Villette, where they actually filmed parts of The Da Vinci Code, it doesn't get much better than that. Fireworks, food, champagne and a burlesque performance from our old friend Roxy Velvet made it a night to remember, if only there were a few more Stunners in tow to kick some posh ass. 

The next day was spent drinking by the lake on a beautiful end of Summer's day. The public school and Kazakhstan TV presenter favoured Mankini came out, as did Jamie Burke's guitar (obvs he was here)...

We headed with Margo and Luke to Paris were we ended up in brawl with a taxi driver who even reached for the glove department to get his gun or knife. Then we met up with Chi-Chi and Margo got in a fight with a girl for dancing with her boyfriend. She pushed her on the forehead, then when her friend got lippy, she punched her in the face. Now this doesn't really sound to blog-worthy, except for the fact, that as this was happening the now bleeding girl's birthday cake came out, we all joined in the Happy Birthday song too everyones disgust. But to make it even more worthy on this blog, we were all in our costumes from the night before. 


Flying straight from Beatrice Inn to play at Maddox might not of been one of our best ideas, but it was nice to be back, and Wade got to show off his new (lack of) hair. The following night we played the Henry Holland party which was actually quite fun, we had some of our "groupies" in the DJ booth with us, you might recognize one or two. Sophie Ellis-Bextor was looking radiant as ever, and we think she might be bored of her husband, because she was giving off some vibes, but then again maybe more in Anna Barnett's direction. Wades line "You're Fit" went down a treat.

We actually hardly had any CDs left form America by this point, so we ended up borrowing Henry's. We played 4 gigs in 3 nights, jet-lagged out of my minds and sleeping through all the shows. We will be back on form for Paris!


So after a disgraceful opening half, we did get our act together for the 2nd part of fashion week. Thank god, thanks to a lot of TLC from Spiky and Amy. We went to the in-store Number 9 party which was fun, the Blonde Acid Cult boys were all there, but then we decided to go to The Rose Bar at The Grammercy, completely stumbling across the most insane door queue ever. The Kooks were playing live with none other than Jane's Addiction. The hotel bar was totally packed. Thank god our friend Andy who use to work at The Delano was on hand to supply us with loads of drinks. In all honesty it's the first time we had heard most of the songs but it went over down a storm. We then all ended up back in Luke's hotel room for an after party, Spiky managed to piss him off a bit for saying they were basically shit, then again he was hanging out in Liam Gallagher and Paul Weller's hotel room the night before, so fair comment. PS saw Heather Graham, she is smoking hot.

The next night got even messier though. Wade started off meeting up with Hope (remember the one that Sebastian helped lose), well Wade found her, and they spent the day at the shows, running around backstage, watching random ones, causing all sorts of mischief and even getting on a carousel instead of watching Anna Sui's show. They did make it backstage though with Aggy, Stam, Donaldson etc. 

Hope had to get up super early, so Wade met up with Chris and Luke for some Dr Martens rooftop party with legendary photographer Mick Rock playing records. We were billed as celebrities and they actually couriered as DMs the next day. After that it was off to old CBGB's where Jane's Addiction were playing the John Vervatos store party, check out the video here. It was actually mega impossible to get in, but luckily all the PR was done by Purple (London), so we got stroll right in. Belvedere Vodka aplenty we were soon diving into bins. That's it, was The End of Fashion Week via The Beatrice, of course.


Well we were rather excited about fashion week and started off in good form. We met up with Chris who had joined the crew after Calum's departure to London, we headed to the Christies Party which was pretty decent. Managed to drink a decent amount of Champagne. We then met up at the Bowery Electric with the always charming Anna Barnett, she actually came with us to Miami also, but can normally be seen in the Cat & Mutton in London Fields. She works for Kelly Osbourne who we hadn't seen in ages which was quite nice. She did however upset Chris (she fancied him for sure). So Chris headed off to Beatrice. This is where it all went wrong...

Riot Girl and the equally wild and hot Stunnerette Shannon2 were in the area and swung by to pick Wade up and take him to 1Oak (models & bottles), slightly vulnerable after too much champagne, Wade came along and slipped into a vodka session to end all vodka sessions... 

... having the best 48 hours ever but ending up sleeping on a park bench. Not a good look, particularly not during fashion week. He even missed the Marc Jacobs show. 



Every year we like to welcome a new Stunner into our arms. No longer in Freddie's shadow, this Summer Nicholas Hadfield aka "Haders" has truly taken the world by storm. He got off to a shaky start stealing Wade's girlfriend (sort of) but has since come on leaps and bounds. He also adds something different to Team Stunners. He has recently been touring with Wade in Paris and New York, but is now off to Tokyo to hook up with Fionn. Expect great things from this rising star. WARNING: keep your girlfriend away from him. Here are few words from the man himself...

Here is an eclectic mixtape from Haders...


So after partying our asses off for a few weeks, it was great to play some records again. There aren't many clubs in New York, where we can get away with playing our heavy set, but Ruff Club is one of them. We got there a few minutes before we were meant to go on, Wade had to see his Amber and say goodbye before she goes off to wrestle (and photograph) Great White Sharks. Spencer Product was obviously a little nervous, but soon calmed his nerves when Wade hit the decks. The previous DJ was playing good tunes, but wasn't reading the crowd too well and using Serato whilst playing dance music never really works in our opinion. Anyway the crowd went mental and they couldn't follow him up, so he played until he ran out of tunes (he only brought the trade marked 2 CDs). Spiky did some great "Alkan Knobtwiddling". This was Calum's last night, so he brought his suitcase along to the club, Stunners industry standard.

After the show we headed back to some guys house who had vast amounts of vodka and a pool table. Not the best combination for hustling. Definitely gambled our DJ fee away. 

Here is Herve's Remix of Bloc Party's latest single, it tore the roof down. The original however is probably the worst song we've heard all year. What's up with him getting upset with Johnny Rotten calling him black or whatever.