Expression: Sheissenhof... the stark realization that instead of going home like a vaguely normal human being, you are in a cab bombing down Broadway on your way to another all-nighter at Chez Katz. This expression can be used in many contexts and it's normally followed by an enormous hangover/comedown, it has since been popularized in Stunners lingo for anything fuckin' up.

David Katz has joined Wade in Tokyo where he is spinin' at  "Models & Bottles" club Feria, we would get fired after one night, but he has held it together so far, and is even remixing Feria "hits". Stunners and the Katzenhof crew have spent many memorable nights in NY and Miami together, so it is truly a pleasure to have him here, can't wait for some Karaoke and Disney Tokyo action. 

We are not sure what is happening with his ace band Katzenhof, partly due to splitting up with band member and hot model GF Jana (right), and Shannon (left) being up the duff. 

Shannon is a rare breed of human being, and possible the only female apart from Mequita that can match Stunners drink for drink, blow for blow so to speak. She is the bastard child of Janis Joplin and Martha Stewart, but super hot. She has been known to cook a mean breakfast complete with spliff, BJ and Vodka. We give her all our blessings and hope to DJ at the delivery, or at least the after-birth-party. How she has cut down from 40 fags, 2 bottles of wine, half a bottle of JD a day, we have no idea, but I guess there is hope for us all. As you can tell in the sonogram below. The rockstar in the making definitely has her eyes. We hope she sticks to her promise and calls the kid Vodka.