Stunners headed to Shoreditch on Friday filled with excitement, a warehouse rave had been a long time coming. Wade & Fionn finally had their first rehearsal after all these years of professional idiocy. Normally they just show up with half a collection of CDs (with dubious sleeves), the other half lost in the pub or on the tube, but this time was different, they had their CDs all in order and a sublime set planned. The anticipation was high and they even joked about something bad might happen, like the venue burning down or the PA blowing up, last one you may remember got shut down by the police.

There was a gang of ten of us, all dressed in black and leather walking along the back-streets of Shoreditch like a modern day version of The Outsiders. It was a pretty awesome sight, can't believe we didn't get pictures, no-one would of messed with us. Luckily we bumped into Sigmund and Hermione and managed to get them all pass to queue, and after Wade used a Jedi-mind trick on the door-man we were all inside. The venue was pretty awesome, it was under railway arches and the promoters had spent quite a bit doing it up. So all in all it was looking great, except the VIP room didn't have any booze. Dammit!!! Well thank god for bringing the bottles of Smirnoff (hint) with us. We all stayed up in the room for sometime making sporadic little adventures to different caves and the outdoor smoking room, Morwenna actually managed to walk into a wall and is left with a bruise on her forehead. 

As soon as we were about to start playing, some other DJ tried to muscle his way on, but with the power of 2, we kicked him off and Stunners finally went on, the whole room exploded at long last, it had been a stop and start Karma Sutra kinda night, but the crowd wanted it HARD & FAST. The practice had also born fruit, but disaster... half way into the set, out of nowhere the venue got shut down, much to everyone's dismay. The only thing to do was carry on into the night, however we all managed to lose eachother. Some of us ended up on a rooftop house party, others were dancing in car parks. 

We can't wait to this again, but properly. We want to musically ejaculate all over the crowd.