Although LFW had been and passed, there was still the Agent Provocateur fragrance launch show to tie us over until Paris fashion week. The thing about lingerie shows is they are always more fun, the girls are more sassy and the crowd really gets into it, this one was very much like that, except the people cheering the most were the celebs like Kate Moss, Kelly O etc. We were fortunate enough to literally be on the catwalk itself and got a lot of good side-boob action. Daisy Lowe opened the show that also featured Jodie Harsh (more on her/him later) and our very own Isabelle, who we first didn't recognize. She looked stunning.

After the papparazzi stampede outside we went down to Sadie "who was only ever hot in Bram Stoker's Dracula" Frost's launch of something or other. It was a new club called Vendome, which could possibly be the worst place in the world. Do not believe what you read in the paper's, the party was SHIT, diabolical even. Suits mixed with some gay 70s carwash dude. Ok, fair enough Kate Moss etc were there, but we could not take more than 15 minutes in the place.

We later played a Creative Awards ceremony party at the Hospital, which was kinda like an office party, but we did go down a treat. Mr Laskey filling in for Fionn on this occasion, doing a stirling job with a little help from Isabelle and Morwenna. It was actually the best party of the night and it was fun seeing George Lamb behind the decks. All in all, quite a weird night, but it was about to take an unexpected turn...

Back at Morwenna and Laskey's house, Jodie Harsh sitting on Wades lap, started slapping him in the face (reason unknown) quite a few times. However, since Wade cut his hair he has been a little more violent and has decided not to take anymore shit from anyone, let alone drag queens (famous or not) and took her/him by the throat and pushed her to the floor where he preceded in pouring the rest of the cheap, yet at 5am in the morning, highly sought after red wine in her/his face. From an outside point of view it must of looked ricockulous. 

Wade would like to take this opportunity to apologize to Ms Harsh for the incident and also wonders if this makes him a wife-beater or not.