Straight after Fashion week, we headed to Versailles where we were playing Anoushka Beckwith's 21st birthday, daughter of the equally stunning Tamara Beckwith, who is a super hot MILF. We headed by coach with all her friends, a lot of TBs/DBs (Thorough Breds / Double Barrels) for sure, but all sweet. We were definitely outsiders though, so we are glad that Margo came too, with her new boyfriend, who is ace. 

The theme for the party was Maria Antionette and everyone was dressed up and looked amazing, truly a divine way to party. Fireworks, food and champagne set in beautiful surroundings and in the impressive Chateau Villette, where they actually filmed parts of The Da Vinci Code, it doesn't get much better than that. Fireworks, food, champagne and a burlesque performance from our old friend Roxy Velvet made it a night to remember, if only there were a few more Stunners in tow to kick some posh ass. 

The next day was spent drinking by the lake on a beautiful end of Summer's day. The public school and Kazakhstan TV presenter favoured Mankini came out, as did Jamie Burke's guitar (obvs he was here)...

We headed with Margo and Luke to Paris were we ended up in brawl with a taxi driver who even reached for the glove department to get his gun or knife. Then we met up with Chi-Chi and Margo got in a fight with a girl for dancing with her boyfriend. She pushed her on the forehead, then when her friend got lippy, she punched her in the face. Now this doesn't really sound to blog-worthy, except for the fact, that as this was happening the now bleeding girl's birthday cake came out, we all joined in the Happy Birthday song too everyones disgust. But to make it even more worthy on this blog, we were all in our costumes from the night before.