Sorry, it has been a while since our last post, this is due to vast quantities of free alcohol, and too many hangovers checking out girls going to castings and shows. Here is our report on London Fashion Week, Stunners Style.


We organized and played the party for Jean-Pierre Braganza, one of London's hottest designers (Stunners can often be seen wearing his clothes). It was all put together last minute with the help from our dearest Daisy and our favorite drag-queen superstar Jodie Harsh. In hindsight it turned out to be the best party of the week. Afterwards Wade headed down to the BAFTA's after-party, where he sadly did not get the £7,000 goody-bag, but instead caned the champagne (when will we learn). He did actually end up hanging out with NYCs premier club promotor Amy Sacco, the lady behind Bungalow8, you would of seen it in Sex & The City.


The PPQ party was insane, absolute mayhem on the door, a total fashion scrum. Once in, the party did not disappoint, we played a great set until 4am with dancing "London Paper" celebs everywhere. Fionn accompanied a nameless supermodel back to Nathan Whitey's house, where he played his new anthemic Whitey track, think Wrap It Up times a million. Fionn and that dude Ronnie from No Picasso were engaged in a house party DJing war, seeing Fionn ejected in the morning due to his consistent techno abuse.

We had the night off and went down to the Kisa party at Maya, Wade bumped into Camilla Al Fayed, who he met whilst playing the Jeremy Scott party in Los Angeles, that night he ended up taking her to loads of strip bars, this time though, was more civilized, ending up at the Christopher Kane party at Bungalow8. She mentioned that she has been listening loads to the CDs he left in her hotel room. Not for the first time, and sadly not the last time that Wade has lost his records. At least she is super hot.


It's always weird playing in-store gigs, and H&M was no exception, very bright lights and rails of clothes are not the ideal for the dance-floor, but it was a great crowd at the party. Mark Ronson was playing live, and there was a lot of anticipation in the air, and as such it was not our intention to upstage him, it just happened. After not too long, all the Stunners crew were in pink tight trousers doing the conga up and down the escalator, he got slightly pissed off (this actually got mentioned in The Metro), but to be fair to him, he played a blinding set. We got to keep the pink trousers too.


We were pretty damm wrecked by this point, but with Wolverine-like regeneration we pulled it together for one final party, the fact Hot Chip and Mylo were playing also helped. So we made it down to the Mulberry event, and sipped on comedy cocktails with umbrellas, unfortunately we have more vodka in our urine, but still Hot Chip blew us away, they have definitely matured as a live act and will be rocking the festival circuit this summer without doubt, the live version of Over and Over is genius, we with loads more groove and added baseline. 

Mylo came on afterwards, but unfortunately the sound kept cutting in and out, Fionn noticed a plug with the longest extension cable in the world, and plugged it back in properly thus saving the night. It was fun seeing a superstar DJ experiencing similar problems as us at Sketch (if you are reading this Robin Scott-Lawson, gaffer tape it down please, oh and happy 30th by the way). Mylo did really get it going, with lots off beefed up versions of party hit classics. Afterwards we dragged him and his whole crew down to Maya, where our dear friend Jasper Von Tay sorted us out with loads of vodka. Mylo said he has been reading our blog. So Mylo, hope you liked our Mix-CD we gave you, and do you fancy playing a gig with us in Tunisia?.


All fashioned out, we called it a week and went to see There Will Be Blood, it's a masterpiece, Daniel Day-Lewis is well worthy of the Oscar he will win (although Viggo is almost as good in Eastern Promises, would love to see them together), his portrayal is equal to the one as Bill the Butcher in Gangs of New York, Wade's & Spiky's hero. They were so obsessed with him, they even dressed like him, grew a moustache and won 2nd prize in a Halloween competition at Club Muthafucka in New York. Spiky also played the following song from the soundtrack, at Wade's wedding, not the best idea ever. The marriage did not last beyond 10 weeks.