Our last night in Paris proved to be the best. First we went on a faux romantic tour of Paris with Morwenna, we had stolen a bottle of Zubrowka Vodka the night before, and it proved to be rather handy. We tried to blag our way into the Fendi party where Amy Winehouse was playing. We even had wine glasses with us, which fooled the security until they noticed we did not have the wristbands, Dammit. Apparently the party was amazing, but surely not as amazing as Le Baron. 

As you can tell from the picture above, it turned into performance art. Before the insanity and the Stunners set, which started at 4am, we hung out with the owner Andre, who signed Cazals and his girlfriend Uffie. She is a total legend and we would love to have her play one of our night. We love the LA riots remix of her collaboration with Justice, apparently though it will not get a proper release due to "politics". You can listen to it here, and it also features on our latest Mixtape.  

Thanks to everyone at Le Baron, especially Chi Chi! We can't wait to do a monthly in Paris.

Picture Copyright - Chi Chi Menendez