This weekend we got the whole crew East for a house party. Wade's next-door neighbour and lawyer Todd Hart was celebrating his thirty something birthday. Todd is pretty much the coolest guy in London, always amazingly dressed, he ended up in a ladies african robe, but he also manages to have a proper job off the Strand, god knows how he does it, you should check out his fantastic blog Dalston Oxfam Shop also. 

It's nice going to a house party, its been way too long, even New Yorkers like Kelly Macauley (of Club Kelly in the penthouse of The Raleigh Miami fame) and Tommy Saleh (if you come up with an idea for a party and have not told anyone, he would still know before you) came down, so it was a great night, and a good antidote to fashion week. Stunners ended up playing a set which was ace, and we also bumped into our dear friend and musical collaborator Akira The Don, not seen him out in years. And Sai took a beating, but she took it well.

Mr Hart will be playing Fabric this Friday with 2 Many DJs, Erol Alkan and SMD, sadly no Stunners on the bill, but we will be there in full support.

Here is a track from Akira The Don's forthcoming Mixtape/Album 'Thieving' and another from the Stunners 130 collaboration.