The Piper Machine invited us all down to his launch for Karaoke Box, a new joint in Farringdon. We all got picked up in A-Team style black van, which pretty damm awesome and the legendary Budgieman greeted us on entrance, you might of seen him on South Bank singing with his budgies. The karaoke machines were not as good as Tokyo, as they didn't have an EQ on the Mike, so no way of disguising out of tuneness, but still lots of fun. We took to the decks with 3 CDs (lost them again) but they were all bangers, perfect a karaoke night, think T-Rex, Blondie & Edwyn Collins, who Akira The Don's rapping partner Narstie made us re-wind!. 

After a while the French Rock'n'Roll band for live karaoke came on, and the party came into it's own. Ali Love, complete with an amazing moustache started off with an amazing rendition of The Stooges' No Fun, which definitely got him some skirt. It was followed by Aggy & Grimshaw's version of Kids In America. The party exploded and the champagne kicked in. All in all it was a great night, so well done Mr Piper, and you can all look forward to forthcoming Sunday karaoke nights at Whisky Mist, starting next week we give you Spankyoke, very silly indeed.