Just getting back from Paris and Belgium respectively Wade and Fionn didn't have time to prepare a set. Wade even lost his records for the millionth time (the only reason we started this blog is to have a record of how many times we lose records and headphones). The turnout for Felix was pretty astonishing since we just had a weeks promotion, but then again 9 months ago was such a success, everyone expecting more of the same. The Stunners set totally slayed it, and actually blew Felix out of the water, not sure if that's what a warm up slot should be like, but then again it's hard for a Stunner to hold back. 

As you can tell from above, it was a pretty damm rockin party. Here are a couple of mind blowing new tracks from the Stunners set that were too fresh for Felix. The first track is the first non-remix material from Fake Blood, it's out next week on Herve & Sindens Cheap Thrills label. The second is Duke Dumont's remix of Mystery Jets, it's mindblowing and as good as Switch's Hideaway remix. You should also look out for Riton's remix off Hand Me Down. 

Fake Blood - Mars
Mystery Jets - Two Doors Down (Duke Dumont Remix)