Waking up on a random sofa at midday with a party still going on around you, on the day off a mayor tournament is never a good idea. Joining in the party for a few minutes, before pouring a rather large vodka on the way to said tournament, also falls into the same category, streaking the tournament itself after winning is obviously genius, but lets not get ahead of ourselves...

Yes, it was the 5th Annual Hendrick's Gin Croquet tournament, and our Rakehell's team were reigning champions. The team consists off The Piper Machine, Nick Saunders, Sigmund & Wade, who incidentally had a lot of work ahead of him, if he was to beat last years jumping into a passing Ferrari celebration. Fuelled on Gin, lots of it. The team comfortably won their group.

But it would be a lot tougher in the knock-out stages, with the dreaded Swiss...

But with nerves of steal in the Final, they want on to win a consecutive trophy, and good to his promise Wade streaked. Gin hangovers are the worst, we must warn you, but if you are gonna have one, it better be a Hendrick's one.