So after partying our asses off for a few weeks, it was great to play some records again. There aren't many clubs in New York, where we can get away with playing our heavy set, but Ruff Club is one of them. We got there a few minutes before we were meant to go on, Wade had to see his Amber and say goodbye before she goes off to wrestle (and photograph) Great White Sharks. Spencer Product was obviously a little nervous, but soon calmed his nerves when Wade hit the decks. The previous DJ was playing good tunes, but wasn't reading the crowd too well and using Serato whilst playing dance music never really works in our opinion. Anyway the crowd went mental and they couldn't follow him up, so he played until he ran out of tunes (he only brought the trade marked 2 CDs). Spiky did some great "Alkan Knobtwiddling". This was Calum's last night, so he brought his suitcase along to the club, Stunners industry standard.

After the show we headed back to some guys house who had vast amounts of vodka and a pool table. Not the best combination for hustling. Definitely gambled our DJ fee away. 

Here is Herve's Remix of Bloc Party's latest single, it tore the roof down. The original however is probably the worst song we've heard all year. What's up with him getting upset with Johnny Rotten calling him black or whatever.