Straight from the Eurostar to the biggest party of the year, anticipation was high. We were invited to it 3 months ago when we staying in the very hotel The Royal Monceau which they were about to demolish, but not before the most insane party ever. The doors opened at 10pm, we got there 10.15, and there must of been 400 people outside begging to get in, all of which would of graced any club in the world, models and film stars where left outside. Luckily we took the stunners entrance. 

Once inside, it was even more insane, imagine 500 guests running around a 5 star hotel, full of demolition art installations, waitresses in hard hats, and the bar was even a caterpillar truck. We made it to the Le Baron VIP room which was 5 hotel rooms which they had connected by means of sledgehammer. Andre, Uffie, Chi-Chi and the Le Baron regulars as well as some of our favourite fashionistas from London, especially Hannah were there. It was great to see Dangerous Dan and his lady Pip, who named there kid JUSTICE MAXIMUS, probably the best name of all time. 

We went up to the fifth floor where Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis were performing or something, but ended up in a que to demolish some hotel rooms, we put on hard hats and overalls and went at it with a sledge-hammer, pretty tough walls i must say, but with that burst of adrenalin we went back down to the Le Baron Room where we found Nick & Chris, who were also on a rampage.

The party then went into overdrive. Behind one of the bars that was set in half demolished bathroom was a shower and it wasn't long before Wade was in there with a hot model. The bar staff showering them with champagne.

It was then time to for Wade and Chris to DJ the VIP room, they played for an hour or so and the place was heaving, everyone losing there marbles. But then as per normal the sound system blew up, it could of had something to do with Wade dripping all over the cables, we will never know, but there was a lot of smoke. We later all lost each other, Wade found himself in the DJ booth with Soulwax and "accidently" took their bottle of Grey Goose, he felt rather bad about it the next day however, Dave Soulwax said when he gave it to him, he knew he would never see it again, so it was all cool. 

The party was a huge success and will go down in folklore, but it could never really live up to the expectations. 

Incidentally, Kanye West was there, and he came down to hear us play at Le Baron the night after and he requested Kanye West songs all night, fair play to him, but we didn't actually bring any, so here you go Kanye, this one is for you.

P.S We found Mischa Barton, she spent all night on the Le Baron dancefloor.