It was quite an eventful week in the life of Stunners. It started out when we modelled for the TV commercial for Britain's next top model. We did it mainly for a laugh, also Calum gave us some high expectations of it all. It was hilarious, and the girls (incl. their mothers) were quite shocked by our (tongue very firmly in cheek) sleaze. We wish all the contestants the best of luck but we reckon the shorter one with the crap Essex boyfriend and the attitude will win it. 
Next off was Jodie Harsh's birthday at Movida which was essentially the who's who of the "London Paper Scene" (Aggynes, Geldofs, Mark Ronson etc). We just started getting our groove when it was time for the resident DJ to go on, he ruined it all with 50cent. Then it was off to to Bungalow8, where bullied our way on to the decks. However the stunning Valentine used her Parisian charm and got back on before we upset to many people. The next day we found out that Jodie fell over her make-up box and ended up with in A&E, the tragic irony. So in the words of Ms Harsh, the night was "Major".

All of this is of a pale significance, because on Friday night Freddie turned 18! and is now officially allowed to enter the clubs he has been playing in for the past few years. For some of you fans out there it must be hard to believe he in only now 18, for Freddie has been creating havoc around the world for as long as we can remember. It was also legend Chris Belcher's birthday, so it was a big one.
Sketch was the place, and it went off like a rocket, it might of had something to do with Tinkerbell running around with fairy dust. We don't think it has ever been that much carnage, half the dance floor had their tops of and at point even the staff were dancing on the bar. We all took turns behind the decks, Freddie and Nick put in a blinding set, they have really come along way in a very short time. We even got to meet both their parents who were all awesome. Special marks to Freddie's mum (who is hotter than Princess Di) who got several shout-outs throughout the night.

On Saturday we went to see Freddie's grandparents for a lovely (if slightly surreal) family dinner. It was followed by a sing-a-long by the fire. Freddie's mum has an amazing voice by the way (OK second mention in this post - yes we fancy her). 

Freddie always plays this, it's genius.