Spiky Phil is one half of the legendary Spitroast Brothers, the other being Wade, they once played naked for a Terry Richardson party at The Delano in Miami. Spiky started legendary club night trash with Mr Alkan. He currently lives in NYC, where he runs Tiswas 2.0. He is also getting married to one of our absolute favorite human beings alive Amy, in just a few weeks, we are so excited, oh and we shall not forget Cherry the dog (who Wade once rescued using his veterinary skills and a stick) and Dave the cat (not named after Lindwall - as they often point out).

Spiky drums for NYC hipster band Blonde Acid Cult, they draw comparisons with Kasabian and have quite a dance Mancunian sound, Madchester meets Motown. It's there live performances that really set them apart, Manhattan on fire. Check their myspace for their upcoming shows and for Tiswas 2.0. Stunners will be remixing their future single Hey Nah.

Also Spiky just sent us this track from his piss-take side project King Monkey, "The Brooklyn Manc". We think it's absolutely genius, Bez would be dancing his tits off to this. Join the monkey bandwagon.

As a bonus, this is a clip from the last ever Trash, you can see Spiky dancing on the DJ booth, however you can't see Fionn & Wade crawling the around the or on acid. It was a truly memorable night. RIP Trash.