Spiky and Amy arrived in town just in time to see Cazals play at The Scala. They hadn't seem them in several years, so they were pretty shocked with how far they have come. It was great for us to see them on a big stage with great sounds. The drums were unbelievable and the show was super professional. They were playing support to Australias (and there were many Aussies here) Midnight Juggernaughts who totally blew us away. We can't to see them again at Durrr on the 7th of April. You should join us. The highlight was Into The Galaxy which was on our recent mixtape. Here is Kris Menace's remix of Out Of The Storm and his sometime collaborator Lifelike's remix of Cazals' upcoming surefire (in a parallel Universe) hit single Somebody, Somewhere, it's out the 5th of May on Kitsune.