It's been ages since we went to a house party, and ages since Fionn has got naked, at least a week or so. In fact we have probably never been to a party without "Naked Fionn". After Sketch we got a taxi to Brixton. Freddy & Mike had brought their guitars, so we busked all the way, the driver we must admit was rather tolerant. Singing all night long, was loads of fun, listening back on the mobile videos excruciating. It must be the first time we have not tried to hijack the decks, instead we just sang silly lyrics over famous songs. We remember one about a duck, it totally made sense at the time. 
It was Marits birthday on Sunday, and he rather optimistically made arrangements for us to all meet at 3pm in a pub in Primrose Hill. Believe it or not though, it was a great turn-out, and most of us got there by 6pm. In fact when Wade arrived he brought a rainbow. Mequita put her card behind the bar, and a hundred rounds later, we headed off to Camden, to the Elephants Head, which is fine rockabilly drinking establishment. We have not been out in Camden in ages, and it really feels like anything goes there. It ended up being a great night out. So happy birthday Marits!!! Thank god you made your stuntman lorry jump.