This week saw the return to Stunners Action for Scandinavians David Lindwall & Christoffer Fagerli. They were in Tokyo for fittings for the Yoshi Yamamota show in China, where they will be catwalking in the Emperor's forbidden palace or something like that, lucky bastards. 

We hadn't seen much of Christoffer because between modeling he goes back to Norway and builds ships, proper men in grease action. It was really good to have him back onboard for some Tokyo mayhem, the following is what happens when 3 Scandinavian giants hit the town.

It started of innocently enough with a few beers in the park, it's nice you are allowed to drink in the streets here. In fact it really should be every mans right, the world over. It's one of the main things that puts us off America, where we have received several fines. We saw the crazy Rockabilly guys, the insane Harujuki girls and these guys that played some form of hacky-sack that had the skill of Ronaldo, should also mention some guy tapping dancing to his own beat.

We later headed to Shibuya, we managed to complete Time Crisis 4 (probably cost us 10 quid), but then we found these bottles of god knows what, that are meant to be ten times more potent than Red Bull, obviously illegal everywhere else in the world. Well they went down very smoothly indeed, but I guess we should of new what was gonna happen, because it was not long before we were pounding drinks, singing The Pixies in a karaoke session in some weird brothel with a rather drunk Japanese business guy that legendary Dutch Stunner Tijmen had found.   

We naked "heiled" a taxi to Ropogni for some crap model party, this was a Sunday after-all so the expectations weren't too high, and Chris was on a mission to get fucked. Well some stranger giving him 3 pills certainly helped. Thinking they were dude, he took all 3 in one go... they turned out to be horse tranquilizers. Before they kicked in though we came across 6 Japanese girls in school uniforms, who happened to have a bottle of absinthe, knowing it was a school night, Wade stepped in and downed half the bottle. 

Chris on horse tranquilizers, Wade on Absinthe and David being a light-weight due to half his intestines being taking out due to some rare disease, which essentially keeps him skinny and helps him get pissed (Wade has always been jealous). Needless to say the rest of the consisted of taking taxis in circles, hugging street cones, street stuntmanship and the obligatory Chris sleeping outside the house for an hour with his dick hanging out in true viking style.  

Here are some Scandinavian tracks to keep you raping and pillaging.