Marits arrived in Tokyo to take over the Stunners baton from David & Chris. We headed down to the opening of the Terry Richardson vs Jackass photographic exhibition. It was nice to see Terry again, last time we were playing his book launch at The Delano in Miami, pretty much naked (surprise, surprise). We were playing poolside and managed to get some chicks to jump into the pool naked, however, as it was an infinity pool the water went all over the plug sockets and blew up the sound-system. I believe the press release said that we got naked and threw the sound-system into the pool. 

The show was ok, essentially the Jackass crew and Terry of course, naked, pissing on irons, throwing up, hanging trainers from their bell-ends, the norm basically. To be honest it was kinda bit lame and dates, but American Apparel put the whole thing on, so I'm sure it was worth some money to someone. 

Marits by the way is on a month sabbatical trying to find himself, here in Tokyo and India, but he did get offered a job working within the roadworks industry, training is going good so far as you can see below.