ChiChi booked us last minute to come over to play Danny's birthday party at Paris Paris. Playing in the smallest VIP room with a makeshift sound system (speakers blew up every 3rd track) was loads of fun and extremely hot. The room itself held 30 people at any given time and was sponsored by Absolut Vodka, we reckon between us, we consumed at least 30 bottles during the night. Sai looked smokin' as a Nazi Kabaret artist and Wade managed to pull off a weird "dancing monkey" costume, they made quite the couple. We got loads of offers for more gigs and even ended up playing back to back with Uffie.

Saturday was mainly spent in bed, admiring the mess we made of the hotel room. We finally left the room at 9pm, we quickly took a few pictures by the Eiffel Tower. Andre treated us to dinner at his Hotel Amour, it's an amazing boutique hotel that use to be a brothel. The food was great and the music in the background was great throughout playing the likes of The Kills, Raveonettes & Whitey. We really wish there was somewhere like it here in London. 

We later went back to Paris Paris for a fancy dress party, but could not for the life of us find ChiChi who was dressed up as Princess Di. We did spend some time in the kitchen though, which is probably the coolest place on earth. 

Apart from the fact it's impossible to get a taxi late at night, Paris is killing it right now. We can't wait to go back. We will be doing a Stunners night in June, we will keep you posted.

Photography Copyright: ChiChi Menendez