It has taken Wade sometime to recover from a crazy night out at Le Baron. It's not every day you get to party with 80's rockstars and supermodels, well I guess it kinda is, but everything is just so more surreal in Tokyo. You also form a kind of  "we are all lost in translation, lets hang out together" bond.

We were in the raised area with Duran Duran, Rinko, Sonoya and Agyness, and we were surprised how people would just go up and asked to take pictures, it doesn't really happen in London at free drinks parties or whatever, everyone is too cool for school. But here there is a beautiful innocence in the way it happens, and everyone happily obliged. Wade got some good exercise advice from Nick Rhodes, but it has to be said, he had quite a pouch. The drummer from Duran Duran played some cheesy 80s stuff then Agyness and Jackson spun again. They played (and we totally love) M.I.A's Paper Planes, it seems to be a massive hit over here. 

After their set and tons of champagne we went up into the karaoke room, where we all belted out some classics. Karaoke is one of the best things about Tokyo, instead of trying to find an after-party, you go with your mates get a karaoke room, and it's like 5 quid a head and free drinks (remember Japanese can't handle their drinks - Fionn would bankrupt several establishments on one of his drinking rampages). Wade & Jackson sang a great rendition of Under The Bridge, but it was not until Simon Le Bon got on the mike that the place started to rock. Simon by the way it one of the most open and easy going guys around, he was wearing some crazy diamond eagle belt buckle, Renee asked what the hell it was, "COCK" he replied.

Wade ended up joining him in a duet, but can't quite remember what song it was, he can however remember Simon slipping him the tongue in the guitar solo. The rumor in London is Hand-Job thanks to Rory. Agyness said it's not cheating if it's the same sex, which might be true, but it's definitely not cheating if it's Simon Le Bon, or Jasmine for that matter, Marits says their daughter is hot too, but only 14 or something, naughty naughty. 

Here is a crazy track of the Stunners 130 mix incorporating Duran Duran, Basement Jaxx, Digitalism, Technotronic, Tears For Fears, Kartman & The Piper Machine. 

Bonus track: Paper Planes