We always like going to parties at Harvey Nichols, but this one might of been the best, well apart from the time we played Richard Cheese's version of Sunday Bloody Sunday during the Bono party and he got super pissed! Anyway, it's not everyday you get to see N.E.R.D perform. We were expecting your standard Hip-Hop set, but instead they sounded more like an electro Rage Against The Machine and they had two drummers, it was really intense and Pharell was more Punk than Crunk. Needless to say there were also so many hot women, it was insane, but unfortunately it all ended abruptly, well apart from Pharell, who we are sure had the time of his life. Special shout out goes to Tamsin Egerton's legs, we lost Mischa Barton though, she gave Fionn the eye, big time.

Here is the video for Pharrell's collaboration with Stroke Casablancas and Santogold for a Converse advert.