So the phone woke us up today after yet another night of vodka at Beatrice, it was legend Henry Hargreaves on the other line. Henry is an honorary Stunner who after a successful modeling career has made a bit of a name for himself as a photographer. Wade convinced him, he would be a great assistant on his shoot. He neglected to say that he is always late.

When he finally arrived at the shoot, Henry was already in the swing of things. It was for a domanatrix who was already covered in fruit. Wade's job was to essentially art direct the fruit and cream. He is an expert. The lady in question was not shy either. She also told us some insane stories involving all kinda shit, literally. Anyways in order not to lower the tone too much, I will leave up to your own dirty imaginations. She said her husband didn't mind her job, and that he was pretty vanilla, essentially pretty straight. I guess Stunners are more chocolate chip cookies and cream. Listening to her did give us inspiration for some Monster Acid Cock songs, PAIN SLUT being a prime example. She asked Wade to be a slave in a forth-coming fetish shoot but he has declined due to a scheduling conflict.

It should also be noted Henry is working on a coffee table book right now. It's a 3D book of boobs. Here is a teaser. Castings will be held soon.