The next 4 days with Riot Girl consisted of partying, more partying, after partying, more after partying etc. You get the drift. Riot Girl is basically one of the most extreme people you will ever meet. She's extremely stunning and has a larger than life personality. You will either love her or be scared of her. Needless to say she brings out the best and worst in us Stunners. We stayed at her gaff where she has endless supplies of booze. We would start each night at some ridiculous club or party and end up at Beatrice followed by Riot Girls house. Riot Girl and Wade form a formidable partnership and could quite easily take over the world!!! 

Highlights include The Box, where we saw some great shows and the Belvedere party at The Bowery Hotel. Brazilian Girls and some dude called Diego from Elephant played. He was rather handsome and cock-blocked us from the stage. 

At the end of this stint Wade and Calum needed a break and stayed with Jessica in some crazy crack-den. Haders braved it out and went missing for 24 hours. The next day consisted of trying to get back to human form. After spending a few hours in Thompson Park with a whole bunch of crackheads we decided to go and see Step Brothers, the new Will Ferrel movie, we were in a very emotional state and cried our eyes out. Definitely one to watch.