We didn't leave Miami in top physical shape, we must admit. But we were playing Tribeca Grand with none other than Cazals and Blonde Acid Cult for Cheap Mondays. So we really had to pull it together. Tommy and Spiky had organized this party, it's something we had been wanting to put together for sometime. Flight was delayed, so when we eventually got there the party was in full swing, and we bumped into loads of old faces. People we had no idea were even in NYC as well. 

First on were Blonde Acid Cult, who sounded like the most professional band in the world, the sound was incredible. During Hey Nah the crowd were singing from left to right back to each other, it was insane, like stadium rock. There is a lot of Mayor Label UK interest in the band, but we don't want to jinx it and for it to end up in "The Book".

Stunners played some songs inbetween, but it was all about the bands tonight. It was still nice to see David, Fionn and Wade all behind the decks. 

Cazals managed to fuck up the power converters for their electronic equipment, so sadly they had to play without the keyboard player Ben, who for the record was also held in customs for 24 hours, unluckiest trip ever, he did go to sightseeing though. It was actually nice to see Cazals do a more Rock'n'Roll set finishing with an encore of Beat Me To The Bone, the whole crowd moshed and the crowd went home ecstatic. 

This is when things took a turn for the worse. We stole a promotional bottle of Belvedere, like a 10 liter one, and after a lot of effort we got it open. It took 5 people to carry it and pour it down Wade's throat. However it was not Vodka, it was water with some chemical to keep it clear. The next few minutes consisted of Wade rolling around the floor throwing up and convulsing. Throwing up blood is never a good idea, and doing it all over Julia's shoes an even worse. He might of acted over the top to impress her. More than likely... Twat