Well it's not often you take "tourist pictures" by the eiffel tower with Supermodels, hang out with Karl Lagerfeld and wear inflatable rubber rings but this is what happens from time to time in the world of Stunners...

After the demolition party we had a few crazy nights... in supermodel hotel rooms and even a Playboy Mansion party, but we can't really remember it all too well and in all honesty nothing could compare to this night. We arrived at the Lacoste party early, Mademoiselle Chi-Chi asked us to come down and kick-start the party Stunners style. We came in Speedos and sailor hats, it was nautical themed after-all.

The party was on a boat moored by the eiffel tower, it was decked out with jacuzzis and beach toys. Santogold performed and the French version of Jodie Harsh spun tunes (not as hot we must admit). The crowd were the Parisian elite, supermodels and let's not forget Rono & Daisy Lowe (who we love). We really took it to the next level and more most of the crowd even around we were on the dance-floors surfing blowup aligators busting some breakdancing moved to a bemused crowd. It did the set the tone for the party. Looking over at The Piper Machine in leopard speedos and Nick, who was wearing a duck rubber ring we could barely contain ourselves and overdosed on all the fun. Literally the best hour of our lives and Karl seemed rather impress with our outfits so do not be surprised if the next Chanel collection is more Stunners (not the first time - Dior, John Richmond etc).

INCOOOOOOMING!!! Girl after girl, pretty much the hottest we have ever seen, and they all flocked around us. This is when it dawned upon is we could never decide. Wade and Nick chatted up at least 5 girls each and couldn't decide to save their lives, well there was one special girl has to be said, but that's more of a long term project, the girls themselves could not choose between Wade of Nick either, but adding something different to the table, and what a feast it was.

Most of you are familiar with cock-blocking I am sure, but Wade and Nick turned it into an art-form, by cock-blocking themselves and each-other but having so much fun doing it. 

Nick actually did pull a girl. The rather delightful model Danny Dwyer from Texas who turned out to be Wade's cousin, 5 removed. He admits to fancying too, even though it might be wrong. They actually share a great granddad who was the mayor of New York. Believe it or not. 

So it was yet another triumphant night in Paris. God we love this city.