We were so glad when we found out Alexia was in Miami styling during Swimsuit Fashion Week. She has the best energy, and if you have Alexia around, things are always gonna turn out for the best. She even got us the gig playing music at the Pistol Panties show. We put together a great set, but decided to live mix it, just to get the looks right. The show if we forget to tell you later was awesome. Well done everyone.

Backstage again was insane, and it was there Wade met Hope. Essentially Miss Universe. She was presenting back stage. They instantly struck up a report and she was on his arm as he spun records during the show, they even talked about going on holiday together and where gonna meet up after the show.

But this is where the Lucid Dream starts to faulter, this is where we start to need the Tech Support Guy. Sebastian lost her number... 

They went down to Florida Rooms and there were just too many girls every, could not even concentrate, can't really even work out what happened, we just knew we were not worthy of this much attention, I guess the Lucid Dream was working again. Kaitlyn turned up, we had been texting her since we met her at Lime (the best Mexican Taco Salad in the world). She turned up with even more girls. Courtney and gang were there too. In total there were 22 girls around us. What The FUCK... this is not normal, and for them to be fighting over us even more insane. We knew then that this couldn't be real. We were Lucid Dreaming. The next day Wade got on a plane to New York. Tech Support Guy has been called in. 

Here is an appropiately titled new song of Franz Ferdinand's new album.