Our final night in Paris we played Chi-Chi's book launch for Absolut Vodka. Her book Absolut 100 consists of a 100 pictures from Cannes Film festival this year and is ace, shame we didn't end up going. We were pretty fuckin' annihilated but held it together pretty well, considering between us all we played a 8 hour set. We all dressed up in our finest attire as we were booked as The New English Dandies. The party was in Andre's new venue Chez Moune which is the oldest lesbian bar in Pigalle area. 

David Piper managed to get kicked out after a burlesque with a massive boyfriend confronted him after she was all over him... he might of bitten her though. Chi-Chi got him back again though, but it was not long before she was up again arguing with the frankly awesome looking moustache wearing door man, this time Wade had got kicked out after getting down to speedos and was carried around the club in Jesus trade marked crucifix pose.

The night was a success but we couldn't leave Paris without a final drink at Le Baron... upon arrival Wade went straight up to who he thought was Russell from Soho House and gave him a big hug. "Russell" was with a rather hot girl and Wade picked her up and took her to the bar and then preceded in dancing ridiculously with her to Bohemian Rhapsody. On return, he noticed the Russell looked slightly different to normal and he definitely doesn't normally speak in American accent. Turns out it was Courtney from the Dandy Warhols. He told Wade, that he could never compete with him, the girl it turns out was Julia Dunstall. Wade & Nick cock-blocked each other of course.

As a footnote we should mention that Spiky and Amy pretty much got together to on the Trash dancefloor to their other big hit Bohemian Like You.